Three Reasons to Check Out Miami’s Festival Season

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Miami is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the gulf. It offers beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife and lively nightlife. What many visitors don’t know is that Miami, like other major destinations, has a festival season. What’s different from other destinations is that because of the weather Miami’s festival season goes on all year. The season showcases some of the countries best musicians, filmmakers, chefs, dancers artists and authors.
Miami is closely linked with the Cuban and Latino cultures, but it is sometimes hard to find the cultured experiences you are looking for when you are just wandering around the city. This is why the festival season was born, to celebrate the different cultures that Miami has to offer.
In recent years the Miami festival season has seen thousands of visitors, both foreign and domestic come to enjoy the festive activities. If you are planning on catching it then don’t miss these:

The Miami Music Festival:
Founded in 2009, the first years festival didn’t go down that well. A lack of organisation lead people to distraction and getting lost around the multiple venues. People also complained about the high wristband fee of $50.

This year the organisers have had more time to plan and have dropped the wristband fee down to $25 dollars so that more people can enjoy it.
It is spread over a massive area including 45 clubs, bars and venues and 200 bands playing nearly 400 sets.
It showcases bands performing every type of music out there, and if you don’t like it then you can simply walk to the next venue.

Ultra Music Festival:
Dubbed the world’s biggest and best open air dance and electronic music festival, this festival has won countless awards and offers the worlds biggest dance artists to perform to thousands of people just outside Miami city. This festival sells out fast, so if you are planning to go, make sure you keep an eye when tickets go on sale.

Miami Film Festival:
This relatively new film festival is gaining popularity and notoriety as one of the ones to watch for young up and coming directors. In recent years there have been many premiers at the festival and an odd star or two has turned up. So if the heat is too much, or you just want to watch some great cinema, then be sure to check this growing film festival out.

Cheap flights to Miami are quite easy to come across now that budget airlines are common place, so next time you’re in Miami make sure to check these festivals out.

There are many more festivals that go on around the Miami festival season including poetry, literature, art and dance for those looking for something a bit more specific.

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