Three Questions before Getting a Nose Job

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Many Los Angeles residents associate nose surgery with cosmetic enhancements. While this notion is true, many actually forget that it can also entail medical benefits, such as solving breathing problems. The surgery can also correct nasal deformations that occur because of genetics or physical injuries.

Rhinoplasty or nasal surgery involves nose size reductions, straightening nasal bridge and reshaping nasal structure. To achieve these, bone is chiseled away, the nasal cartilage is realigned, and the skin is removed. The end result can either be a reduced nose size, or a taller nose bridge, depending on patient requirements.

If you think rhinoplasty is indeed for you, itís best to check your health insurance and workplace health policies. Doing so will give you a more realistic financial aspect before you start looking for a surgery clinic. It can also help you plan the financial phase of the surgery better. The following are some questions you should ask yourself before undergoing the procedure.

Why am I getting it?

Since a Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon will tell you that the procedure is an elective one, youíll need to tell yourself why youíll be undergoing it. Being able to answer this question is important because itís your body and because youíll be the one experiencing its effects. If you canít answer the question, chances are, the surgeon will recommend further consultations, and youíll end up not getting the surgery and regretting your decisions later.

Who is my surgeon?

Knowing your Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeonís credentials will matter because your surgeon will play two important roles in your surgery. The surgeon will be responsible for the advice you get before the operation and he or she will be responsible for your safety once youíre on the operating table. If you donít make a thorough research on your surgeonís background you may end up with a host of complications that will require repeat surgeries.

Have I thought about payments?

Budget is also an important factor when getting Los Angeles nose surgery. If possible, donít go for so-called packages or deals unless youíre absolutely sure of the surgeonís reputation. Remember; in surgery, itís always best to get the best services, even if it costs a lot of money.

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