Three Considerations in Buying an MP3 Player

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Browsing the wholesale electronics catalogues for an MP3 music player can jolt a technological naif into shock! The choices that electronics wholesalers sell are so vast and sometimes the techie jargon used to describe them so mystifying, it seems less intimidating to stick with the ancient compact disc! But music lovers need not despair; with a bit of research, buyers can locate a suitable MP3 player available from an electronics wholesaler at a reasonable price.

First, a future purchaser has to comprehend a couple of ABC's. MP3 packages are generally differentiated by kind of drive: the flash drive and the hard drive. The first is usually littler, weighs less, and has less memory. Because they have hardly any complex components to damage, they are well-suited for sports - you can rappell off the the Chrysler Building with a flash drive MP3 player to entertain you as you sail down and likely not smash anything (except maybe yourself!). The hard drive devices are essentially small data processors. Due to its increased number of features, larger screen, and enormous storage, the hard drive MP3 music player is very appropriate for avid listerners who actually want to take an entire collection of tunes and watch the video screen as well. But don't even try base jumping - the hard drive models weigh more and are vulnerable to jarring and scratches.

Second, what functions are important? Wholesale electronic MP3 devices range from low-tech music boxes to hi-tech multi-functional computers. What the buyer wants to be able to do with the MP3 player will determine the selection process. If listening to a few songs while exercising is the plan, a value-priced and ordinary flash drive product with no extra functions will be just perfect. If, on the other hand, being able to go wireless, record music and voice, save data and exchange it, manage calendar and numbers, and alter the sound are key factors, a larger hard drive MP3 music player overflowing with "stuff" will be the best. Elaborate devices are more expensive, but as the technology floods the market, expect to see electronics wholesalers offering cheaper and cheaper prices.

Third, size and style make a difference. At one end, the eccentric consumer can find unusual hand-made MP3 players that look like Teddy Bears, candy tins, and breakfast cereal boxes - some are scented! But for the more discerning consumer, fabulous wholesale designs that transcend a boring lumpy square are on the market. The latest thing is ultrathin models with striking looks. Hues are increasingly striking -- pink, burgundy, blue or orange MP3 players are trendy and chic. You can even listen to your MP3 device in your sunglasses if the Oakley Split Thumps appeal to your sense of elan.

Don't give up searching for what you want! The search for just the right wholesale electronics MP3 package is well worth it. Every buyer's needs can be satisfied with a little work

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