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With Slanket madness sweeping the globe, it can be quite difficult to see what all of these people actually do in their Slankets. Sure, you can sit on the sofa wrapped up nice and warm and you can reach the television remote without wafting chilly air around your midriff but what else are they actually useful for? The inventor of this ingenious blanket with sleeves has even paved the way for Slanket terminology! 'Slanketeering' is said to refer to anything you do whilst wearing your Slanket. This got Find Me A Gift thinking. If there were one thing in the world we'd like to do in a Slanket, what would it be and who would we do it with?
So there lay the idea of Find Me A Gift's saucy Slanket survey. They decided to do a 'just for fun' poll to find out who is the most desired person to share a Double Slanket with! If you could pick anyone in the world to share a Double Slanket with, alive or dead (although I'm sure these thoughts are illegal), who would it be? With the arrival of the Double Slankets and cold winter nights drawing in, it seems snuggling up in a Double Slanket with your sweetheart would be slanketeering bliss!

The Double Slanket is Find Me A Gift's answer to fun under the covers. This large fleecy blanket features 4 sleeves so you and a loved one can snuggle up together but still retain the use of your hands for other things! So what did Find Me A Gift's poll show? Which celebrity names were sung from the rooftops and which names were muttered under baited breath? With a catfight breaking out over a football hero, a pair of stags rutting for their rights to an Australian beauty and a high school mix-up over who gets the head boy, it was clear the results were in!

The ladies wanted half time with Ronaldo and a sweet harmony from Zac Efron, whilst the guys were looking for someone with the X factor. The votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that the most desirable female to have sexy Slanket time with is…. Danni Minogue. Accordingly to Find Me A Gift's customer survey, the foxy Aussie is topping the leader board. Other female celebrities voted for (unsurprisingly) included Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Kelly Brook!
As with any other survey, there were a few anomalies or should we say unexpected answers. Fizz from Coronation Street seems an unusual choice as does Anthea Turner but lets take a look at the women's votes before we pass judgement!

The Slanket sex gods are Zac Efron and Ronaldo but other votes included Brad Pitt, Elvis (uh huh huh), Johnny Depp and Patrick Dempsey. Again, there were a few, far from obvious fantasies. One feisty female wants Suggs to get out of his baggy trousers and into her snug Slanket, whilst another wants Marco Pierre White to cook something up for her under the covers! Never has there been a survey where the participants have debated their answers so much. However, a certain lady we surveyed confessed straight away to wanting a little nasty time with Simon Cowell!

For comedy value, Find Me A Gift also surveyed their staff and it would appear that Cupid's arrow has well and truly struck our warehouse staff. With a certain warehouse male gazing dreamily across the packing area at a beautiful warehouse woman and a warehouse supervisor wooing Find Me A Gift's PR girl, it turns out the Double Slanket survey has uncovered more than we had bargained for! There'll be a warehouse wedding before you can say "Who would you share a Double Slanket with?"!

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Jesse Jones
Find Me A Gift

Because giving feels good...
Jesse Jones joined Find Me A Gift in May 2008 and has been writing fabulous articles for us ever since!

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