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This Old Boat information series is being offered to let new buyers recognize items to check out and what to anticipate when buying a 25-30 year old vessel. Despite the fact that these older boats are bona fide antiques, does not mean that they will not have many years of good life left. If appropriately maintained and upgraded, old yachts will endure another 25-30 years.

As a vessel broker, I have constructed a method to express to other people the true shape of a yacht. Acquiring a second-hand vessel is in many cases complicated. Interpreting the yacht's specs is often incomprehensible at times as to the authentic state and functional grade of the yacht; a good number of listing boat brokers do a rather inadequate job of explaining their listed boats. A good number of boat listings tell you very little regarding the condition of the yachts. The reason for this is simple. Most yacht sellers take a dark view of their agent mentioning something critical about their boat; the used boat listing is meant to attract a boat buyer, not scare them away.

Nevertheless we think differently. We rather you understand exactly what you are going to see to start; after all, you will expose the problems upon inspection of the vessel. But when we expose issues with boats initially, we are able to validate the value of the yacht.
Therefore when you speak with a person regarding their vessel, you are able to use this guide to ascertain its relative condition. Utilize this list to ask the right questions. This rating guide has been put together to provide you an outline of the yacht's basic shape as it relates to what you will need to do to get the vessel prepared to go cruising. Each boat is ranked based upon the reported shape, current equipment and/or a personal evaluation of the yacht. The ranking list shouldn't be confused with a ranking given by a surveyor to determine worth.

BRISTOL CONDITION - is given to a craft that is maintained in a like new or bristol shape, with numerous extras, the boat is better than factory new. All electronics and gear are new, the boat's exterior and interior are free of blemishes All machinery continues to be constantly replaced. Everything runs. Nothing needs repairing or requires adding for immediate dependable operation. Turn-key! This type of vessel is extremely unusual.

ABOVE AVERAGE - scoring is given to a boat that has received better than average care and is equipped with new electronics and equipment; abundant extras are on board. Written maintenance records validate repetitive enhancements and service by her owner. Everything functions. The craft has no mechanical or structural issues and scarcely any aesthetic drawbacks. Interior and exterior surfaces glisten and isinglass and canvas appears like brand new. Engine area is spotless and tidy. Other than boat engines, virtually all equipment has been changed. This vessel is turn-key, all set to go cruising!

AVERAGE - scoring is provided to a yacht that has had standard type of care. The yacht is usable but she shows her age. The vessel's electronics and apparatus are outdated but are functional. The majority of equipment was installed when she was new and the yacht exhibits normal wear and tear. Isinglass and canvas is functional however it will require replacing before long. Inside and outside surfaces will need attention to get back their shiny finish. The boat engine and systems are serviceable but need some touch up painting and detailing. The boat will need a little servicing, cleaning and polishing before the vessel is set to cruise.

FAIR - is given to a boat that needs some significant attention to make her ready for cruising. Various machinery will not work. The vessel will need several enhancements such as repair of blisters, inside wood work (leaking windows), electronic equipment, canvas, painting, and fiberglass fixes. The boat will probably need substantial boat yard attention to enable worry-free traveling. Be prepared to pay roughly the amount you paid for the yacht for these repairs.

POOR - rating is provided to a cruiser that is described as a "project boat". There is possibly a sufficient amount of the framework and equipment in existence to get her in operational shape. Be prepared to disburse a large price to achieve these fixes. An undertaking of this kind is not often worth doing.

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