This new technique uses dermal fillers to fill out facial features

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Want to rejuvenate your face without getting a full-scale face lift? The thought of a knife cutting the edges of your face and tissue getting rearranged might be a little scary for some folks. That's why there's now the "liquid face lift." This is a new non-surgical and non-invasive solution to the troubles of aging.

No More Hollow Cheeks

Lots of terrible things happen to your face as you get older. Your skin sags and droops like it's trying to slip off and go somewhere. Wrinkles appear and turn your smile into an Interstate highway map. Worst of all, your cheeks hollow out and you start to look like something from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

The zombie look is especially troubling. The reason for it is simple. As you age, your face loses volume. This gives you a "wasted" look, and adds years to your natural years. Luckily, the loss of volume is one of the easiest problems to treat.

Introducing The Liquid Face Lift

This is here to save the day. It is designed to restore volume and get you looking your natural age, or younger, again! And you can have the liquid face lift with no cutting at all.

This new technique uses dermal fillers to fill out facial features. These include Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, Perlane and sometimes Botox. Each contains its own ingredients that rejuvenate and add volume. Collagen is a common ingredient, but there are others as well.

Unlike regular dermal filler treatments, the liquid face lift uses a combination of these products applied by a skilled surgeon. They have experience using fillers, and can choose just the right combination to get the results you want.

What You Can Expect

Even though there is on cutting, the results are dramatic. In addition to looking younger, you will look more energetic and better rested. Your smile will look fuller and more natural. Many patients find that the natural curves reappear after treatment.

One more thing that makes this treatment better is its minimal recovery time. In some patients there is some bruising or swelling where the injections were made, but it will disappear in just a few days. The results are immediately noticeable, but they get even better over the next few weeks as the filler is fully absorbed.

It offers you a safe, non-invasive and much more natural solution to the aging problem. Now you can restore and rejuvenate without the cutting!

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