This is the Green Decade?

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This is the Green Decade?

"MEN" and "WOMAN" both have been equally responsible for each and every revision which took place on our planet. We have destroyed our planet to a great extent and before it's too late we need to think about it and together we should step forward to help our heavenly and divine EARTH.

The color green is fading out so rapidly and the most unfortunate fact is that even most of the educated people don’t care about it. In today's world we see a lot of health problems, each day we hear about new diseases and our environment is fighting hard to sustain as issues like global warming is heating up. Though we spent a lot of time and money on our health we still find it difficult to maintain. Here I would like to highlight some of the facts which is making us unstable.

when we stay in a place where we have abundant of oxygen with less pollution our body's health and beauty is far safer than in a place where we have less oxygen. Oxygen is an essential element activating the cellular energy within the human body. Oxygen enters the body right through the skin through normal respiration and when we are exposed to pollutants or other elements in the air, the process of oxygenation is drastically altered to a great level.

After doing a small research on oxygen and our body from the very our own GOOGLE i found out some astonishing facts how oxygen affects our health and beauty. Abundance of oxygen provides us with extra energy the prime thing which we need to do any work. It cleans our blood and increases our immunity. It helps to improve our memory and also helps the body to heal.

oxygen is also a major factor which helps us to get a good sleep, good digestion, good eyesight, good immunity and even helps to get rid of headache and migraine, it strengthens the heart and help to reduce the heart diseases and helps to reduce the ill effects of pollution.

Out of all these facts what stroked my mind the most is “It slows down the ageing process and improves our facial beauty" I was stunned to see that. What we have done and what are we doing now, why are we organizing marathons for green sake, why are we showing ads where we see trees crying.

No one is going to care as those things remain in our mind as mere news paper materials and not a single person is going to pay attention but if we had seen an AD where we see a man cutting a tree on a road and the woman who lives near to the tree starts receiving age marks on her face as the tree is uprooted..

Huh I can imagine her reaction she would have shot him for sure, she would have remained awake the whole night to protect the tree and if we had seen an ad where a woman plants a tree and become more beautiful and her neighbor amused and jealous planting 2 plants next day and grows more beautiful than her neighbor.

If we had seen these ads long back we would have to walk through forests to reach home.

We see a hundred beauty product ads everyday and when people believe these ads. I feel that it would be wonderful if we could convey the real connection between trees and beauty and since these facts are real and would really help us and our earth grow more beautiful and not only that it will help us protect our earth and bring back all those green. will teach you how to build solar & wind power systems for
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