This Christmas which Visconti pens will you give

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If you are looking around for a pen to give as a gift this Christmas why not have closer look at the Visconti pen collection. Why Visconti pens? Well just casting your eye over their collection you will see why they are loved across the world by pen lovers. The Visconti pen range contains various writing instruments all at differing prices so do not be put off as there should be something for you. Read on to see what kind of money you can expect to spend on three very different pen collection that Visconti offers.

A good entry level pen to the Visconti pen collection is the Visconti Rembrandt. Retailing at less than a hundred pounds each these writing instruments are not overly expensive and look simply magnificent. Manufactured from resins with accompanying platinum plated trim these Visconti pens simply ooze character. Visconti have cleverly used magnets in each writing instrument which firmly hold the pen cap to the main pen barrel. The pen is available in roller ball, eco-roller, ball point and of course fountain and the colours available are simply outstanding.

Next we are going to introduce the Homo Sapiens range of pens. This Visconti pen is quite a new addition and falls into the mid price range. If your gift recipient likes something quirky and unusual then these Visconti pens should provide a solution. Each of these writing instruments follows the same look of black lava and neoprene and has bronze detailing. Lava, is that possible? Yes, Visconti has somehow taken lava from Mount Etna in Italy and blended it with neoprene. Each of the two materials provide the writing instruments with a clean dry feel. Each writing instrument is well balanced and writes beautifully. Sounds too expensive? Homo Sapiens writing instruments in the Visconti pens range will not break the bank hovering just over three hundred pounds.

Of course we have got to give you something outrageously marvellous from the Visconti pens collection. So the curtains and pulled back to bring the Visconti Venetia on stage. The name of these pens may give the game away. This range has been inspired by the most wonderful city in Italy, Venice. To add to the charm this Visconti pen range is only limited to just over four hundred pens. There was another range in the Venetia collection, but sorry you are too late as they have all sold out. The Venetia Silver stands out from the crowd of luxury pens because of its black resin barrel and cap trimmed with silver filigree. So what can you expect to pay for something so simply outstanding? A little less than one thousand four hundred pounds should secure one of these beautiful writing instruments. To see these pens in all their intricate detail pay a visit to the Write Here website at

Rich Stevens writes articles on behalf of Write Here. Take time to browse the superb range of Visconti Pens on Write Heres website to see which Visconti Pen to give as a present

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