This Body Language Signals Tells a Man is Really Interested in you

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You canít read his mind, but you are capable to find body language signs a guy is interested in you, which is pretty efficient. This body language signals helps you to discover whether he is really interested in you or not, if any guy flirting with you.

1. Eye contact

He wonít avoid his eye contact if he really likes you, this means during a conversation he is listening you and he fully focuses on what you are saying. If you noticed that his eye contact lasts longer, you can confirm that the guy genuinely interested in you. But, some guys might like you a lot even though their eye contact is rather short. It is fully based on his character.

2. His sincere and warm-hearted smile

A silent smile is always a positive sign, you smile back at him thus, he can approach you. This thing makes your first meet very friendly. Donít be shy, express your friendliness, it is quite polite.

We suggest that donít think about your ambitions and attitude for a while. And remember mostly that you may not get a second chance to make a first impression.

3. Hands on the hips

Donít ignore to observe his postures. If he holds his hands on hips or if his thumb is in the belt, it signs he undoubtedly interested in you. This kind of posture tells his character and self confident. But, some ladies donít think this posture is attractive, even though they interpret it and sometimes even rude or hateful.

4. Eyebrows raised

Some less brave guys usually hide their eyes when they are around the girls they like, it is quite natural. But, if the guy eyes widely open and raised his eyebrows, this signals that he has courage and definitely into you. Observe this sign during your conversations.

5. Flirting touches

If you noticed that he is gently touching you, it is a good sign. It means that he likes you and he needs more of your attention. If you like his touch, then continue communication. You can also touch him back, it makes him feel loved and show that you are also interested to him.

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