Thinking about Switching to a VoIP Service?

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Individuals or businesses who use the telephone a great deal will know how much telephone calls can cost, especially if they are overseas or long distance calls. With this in mind many people will opt for a telephone service plan that is as low-cost as possible. While many telephone service providers who offer plans on traditional telephone lines can cut a great deal for some people, they often cannot match the plans that a VoIP service can offer.
VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) is one of the relatively new ways of communicating on the telephone via the Internet, so no traditional telephone lines are used at all. As the Internet is used, using a VoIP service actually works out to be much cheaper than a traditional telephone call. This is the main reason why many individuals and businesses are switching from their usual telephone provider to a VoIP service provider. Call centres and people who make a lot of long-distance or overseas telephone calls in particular really stand to benefit from using a VoIP service as the calls are up to 80% cheaper. With savings like this it means that many businesses can generate more business through increased telephone communications.

Switching to a VoIP service is easy, the only equipment that you will need is a PC, the Internet preferably with a broadband connection, a telephone and a telephone adapter - things that most homes and offices already have (apart from the adapter). There is no need for a technician to call to install a telephone line, the only thing you have to do is contact a VoIP service provider, sign up to a plan and start making calls! There is even the option to make PC to PC calls absolutely free of charge to the majority of white service providers - you don't even have to sign up to a plan you just have to register with the provider.
In addition to telephone services a VoIP service provider will usually offer extra features such as: three-way telephone calls, caller ID, call waiting facilities, voicemail and more. In fact there are new and more stunning features being added to the VoIP service menu all the time, so check with your provider to see what is new.
If you already using a VoIP service and want to add more telephone lines - say if you were businesses taking on more staff, it is so easy to do. Simply contact your VoIP provider and ask them to hook you up with an extra phone line (or however many more you require). This will be done almost instantly and without the need to wait for the phone lines to be physically installed. As new phone lines can be added so easily it also gives businesses greater scope to allow employees to work from home - all they have to do is log into the VoIP service account and start making the calls from their PC at home. Now what could be easier for a business?

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