Thinking About Buying the Bosch 4410L Compound Miter Saw? View My In-Depth Review

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Have you ever imagined what a truly great dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw looks like? Well, you need to take a look at the Bosch 4410L. This saw packs an insane amount of power due to its 15 Amp, 3 HP motor that powers the 10-in. blade at a maximum of 4,800 RPM, which creates fast and precise cuts. No matter what kind of cuts you're creating, there are features of the Bosch 4410L that can handle it. The 21-inch aluminum base uses the industry's only integrated material supports that reach 37-1/4 in. in total length, which makes you able to cut very large workpieces. Also, the 4-in. speed-track sliding fence allows for an enhanced cutting capacity when you are working on crown molding. Even if you're making easy repetitive cuts, there is a fast electric brake that stops the blade quickly to get the job done in little time. All of these controls are located up-front, so that the Bosch 4410L is easy to use and control. The bevel-angle controls as well as the 4-position ergonomic grip are located in the front, which make for extreme comfort.

No matter what miter saw, you have to have accuracy to finish the job right. The Bosch 4410L has an exclusive Microfine Miter Adjustment Knob. Combine this with the miter detent override and you can simply and perfectly fine-tune the miter angle without use of the positive detent stops. To provide even more accuracy, there is an arbor-mounted laser tracking system, which means you can see exactly where you're cutting before you start. The Bosch 4410L even has an innovative Wedge-and-Slot Miter Detent System cast into the base which promises constant and precise cuts for the entire life of this saw. With this saw, you get 11 miter detents, bevels 47 degrees left and 46 degrees to the right, a stopping bevel at 0, 33.9, and 45 degrees to the right and left, and crown molding stopping at 31.6 degrees if your workpiece is laying flat. All of this is combined into a machine that has a 5/8 in. arbor and weighs a sturdy and reliable 55 pounds.

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