Think of a line on the eve of the ship

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Like a spacecraft, and can draw? If your answer is "yes", and then sent directly to the developer of online art competition held on the eve of one of the most popular online games.

With the deviantART - the largest art community on the Internet - the Communist Party launched a game studio contest «create Star». On September 9 to October 13, everyone can work their authority to the jury in the future, a solid win prizes.

15 nominees will receive $ 50 in iTunes gift cards, while the first, second and third place will be 900 yuan, 750 yuan and 500 dollars in value respectively. In addition, all finalists will receive three Apple iPad,eve isk,tablet Wacom Intuos4, the «premium" on the status of deviantART, and other awards. In the line on the eve of the universe reflects the best competition, where thousands of vessels of gamers will be able to manage it.

If you are interested in the idea of the Olympic Games in Communist China, please visit the official website of the game deviantART site. Here you will find all about the «create Galaxy», including a detailed list of rules and prizes important information.

EVE Online: Invasive - 14 In addition to online game EVE Online. In addition, it announced on September 21, 2010 and its output is the plan in November. In EVE Online: the invasion, the game's murderous attacks on the possibility of three sand is caught in a perfect world of dreams do not come down, it will not stop to meet him in any crazy ideas. Pilots will be able to work together to destroy the fleet and three clubs fanatics, trying to return to the universe of relative calm.

In addition, EVE Online: the invasion is the introduction of a number of technologies, including updating software and hardware,,installing new servers to improve performance improvements, and more. In addition to EVE Online: Intrusion developers will launch a series of portraits of the new system and to provide more advanced artificial intelligence, and courage of the brave and unique rewards.

In EVE Online: invasion is increased between the players, the pilot of the social interaction system, upgrade the forum. In general, this has a strong technical game patches and a pleasant improvement.

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