Things You Need to Know Regarding Laser Hair Removals

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In skin care and dermatology, one of the methods constantly used by doctors is laser hair removal. In the simplest way of describing how it works, it uses a laser to remove the hair in certain parts of the body. The laser penetrates into the pigments in hair follicles. With the laser eliminating the pigments, the follicles can no longer produce hair. Before starting the laser, a special gel is applied to the skin. The gelís purpose is to enable the laser to travel to the skin smoothly. Also, since there will be heat involved, the gel acts as a cooling agent.

The people who want their hair removed via laser are those who are tired of the usual methods of waxing, epilation, and shaving. The hair always grows back which makes them more irritating for the person. In other cases, the hairs in the body are hard to reach. Take for instance back hair. Itís impossible for a person to shave by himself and itís difficult to have it waxed all the time. Instead, the best alternative is laser hair removal.

However, the treatment is not available for everyone. Your skin condition and hair type are two factors that a doctor needs to consider. Your skin might react violently due to the heat of the laser. The process is not necessarily painful though. Of course, there is the initial heat coming from the laser, but a lot of clinics have cooling systems that help patients. In addition, you can also have anesthesia if your skin is really sensitive.

The effects of this kind of treatment can permanently remove the hair from a specific area. People who really want to remove all the hair immediately have to go through a series of treatments to make the effects of the laser permanent. This is because each strand of hair in the body grows at a different pace from each one. If you want to make the most out of a laser hair removal wellington, you can schedule multiple appointments.

In terms of duration of the procedure, it is dependent on the skin area. The larger the area, then the longer it takes for a laser hair removal West Palm Beach. For instance, removing the hair in the back will take roughly 45 minutes as oppose to the upper lip which will take less than 10 minutes.

As you can see, the guidelines regarding a laser hair removal West Palm Beach FL are pretty simple. You can contact your local dermatologist for more information and you can ask other concerns you might have.

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