Things to look for with a photo on canvas

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If your thinking of buying a canvas print or a photo on canvas then thereís a few things you need to bear in mind and things to take into account when deciding on the size and were to purchase from.
First of all the materials need to be the best of the best, thereís no use buying a canvas print at a brilliant price if you are to find that the print is poor quality and the stretcher bars are at a low standard, you need to check with the company you purchase from that the canvas is either pollycotton or 100% cotton for the best quality canvas and that the inks and printer they use is industrial and the canvas printing is always very clear when they print, of course you need to make sure that the image you provide them with is higher than half a megabyte in file size so that there would be no room for error on the quality of the resolution side of things .

So the first thing would be to make sure that the materials that are used for canvas printing is up to standard. Next would be the packaging. Most companies use either boxes or bubble wrap and postal rape for protection. And the dispatch time needs to be at least 3 working days as you donít really want to be waiting around too long for your canvas prints or canvas art to be delivered if you have to give this as a gift to someone.

You want to look for vibrancy and colour in the print to, you could get some artwork delivered to you as a canvas and the resolution is fine but the colour may be a little dull, but most companies use the correct printers so Iím sure that every canvas print that is made in todayís world is of good colour and print in that sense.
Itís also handy if you photo on canvas comes with hanging kits so itís ready for you to hang on your wall as soon as you receive it or them. It just makes the whole experience much more fun if you can receive your beautiful canvas print and then hang it straight up above your fireplace.

My final little tip for you would be to look for the best price, there is allot of people doing this type of thing now and canvas prints is in a big trend now so have a little hunt around for the best price on the internet and see who has the best price and remember that if it is a low price then it might be best to email or photo them first and ask them about their materials to make sure that they are professional in what they do. Iím sure most business uses the right materials to day. So you need to make sure that your photo is of high resolution for the print and the printer is also a good one i.e. maybe a large format canon printer would be ideal or an Epson large format printer.

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