Things to Consider in Buying Best Kids MP3 Player

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Children used to listen to music at home with their parents' record or cassette players. However, in an age when everything is portable and digital kids now carry hundreds of songs in their back pocket. If you are thinking about purchasing a kids Mp3 player there are a few things you might want to consider.

While it is true that mp3 players are available in age-appropriate selections, parents need to exercise caution when selection an mp3 player for kids. The appropriate mp3 player for kids all depends on how old and how responsible the child is at the time of use. Young children are not likely to be too careful, so an expensive IPod is probably out of the question, however a Sansa Shaker might be just the ticket.

Flash Memory or Hard Drive

MP3 players geared towards different age groups vary in the type of memory that they use. Most of your smaller kid's mp3 players will have flash memory as it is more suitable for rough use than a hard drive based mp3 player is.
An mp3 player that contains a hard drive has within in it a miniature of the same essential piece of equipment your computer has. It is a little disc that stores all of your data. Think of it this way you would not want a young child carrying your home pc or laptop around because they could damage it, this same principle applies to hard drive based mp3 players.

The reason hard drives are so popular is the fact that you can literally store thousands of music tracks, several video hours or millions of photos on them. A childrens' flash drive based MP3 player won't be able to store that much, but with improvements in technology they are getting better all the time.


Whenever you talk about electronics, even if it's a kid's mp3 player you must consider the brand. Popular brands of a kid's mp3 player are Sansa, Fisher Price and Playskool. As now a days you cannot be careful, so best is to buy stuff from well known companies that have a long history and they provide safe quality products for children.


If you have a kid chomping at the bit for a new kid's mp3 player consider the above tips. Purchasing electronics for young children can be an exciting and enriching experience; however, the wrong kid's mp3 player is as bad as no mp3 player is at all. If you can select a premium mp3 player for kids you can keep some sanity, save some cash, and keep your child happy.

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