Things to Consider Before Selecting a Solar Installer

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With the increased popularity and availability of alternative energy, many homeowners are beginning to use these methods to meet some or all of their home power needs. The most popular method is solar power, due to its efficiency and relatively low cost. The major expense is generally the purchase and installation, which will need to be professionally done. If you are considering switching your home to solar power, there are some important points to take into consideration when choosing an installer.

If at all possible, it is best to choose local solar installers. While not all areas will have one, choosing a local company is a good idea for several reasons. First and foremost, they will be familiar with local weather conditions. For a system that relies on solar power, setting up an appropriate system for local needs is critical. Local solar installers will also be familiar with building codes and requirements in that area. Finally, having a local technician you can call for support if problems arise can be very helpful.

Training is another important consideration. Solar power and electricity are closely tied, of course, but not all solar installers are electricians and many electricians will not be familiar with solar panels. Since the technology is constantly growing and evolving and there are many systems on the market to fit different needs, it is a good idea to make sure your solar installers specialize in the field. If you plan to tie your system in to the local power grid, it is important to make sure your installer is a licensed electrician as well.

Another facet to consider is your solar installers' experience. When looking at their credentials, do not just look at past experience but consider their more recent jobs as well. There can be many variations in both home wiring and in solar needs, and it is important that the technician is well versed in all aspects of installation. In addition, the field of solar electricity is constantly growing and changing as new technologies are developed and existing ones are changed to fit different needs. Experienced solar installers will be able to both recommend an appropriate system and be capable of installing it correctly.

These are just some of many factors to consider when choosing a solar installer. Finding the right one may take some research, but once you do the switch to solar power will be easy.

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