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December holds a lot of nice things. Christmas, New Years Eve and the Miami Music Festival. To enjoy these festivals you need to hire musicians. Twenty-Five stages full of live music for any and every taste you could want although they are featuring Latin, Cuban, Caribbean and Jazz Music as the mainstay. December 10 – 12 making it a grand way to start off the month of December
There is a two-day music conference, which will give the aspiring artists and other musical types the chance to interact with the many powers that be in an informal and direct manner that is not usually afforded to up and coming artists. Here you can also hire musicians. For the artists wanting to be a part of the festivities it only costs $35 to do so and that includes a free 6-month subscription for Broad jam so you are not going to lose anything. Applications need to be received by November 1st so you need to get on that if you want to perform.
It is a cost effective weekend only costing you $50 for the three days ($35 if you are a student) how’s that for cost effective entertainment? Music attorneys hire musicians, and managers head the conferences. Pretty much anyone that is capable of helping you get your career on track. And to show you that we stay on top of things here at myMusicCircle, if you go to the sponsor page, you will see that we are investing in your future. We not only walk the walk here at myMusicCircle, we talk the talk. So if you are involved in music or are interested in learning more about what this phenomenal thing called the music business is and how it works this is an ideal place for you to go and listen and interact with both your peers and the pros. You can commensurate with people that are having the same issues as you and then you can hear about the solutions to those issues from people that have already solved the problem.

This is a great opportunity for anyone to come and learn more about the business in an atmosphere that really doesn’t feel like learning. You can also learn many things to hire musician’s .You can kick back and listen to some jams and fill you mind with both music and knowledge. Now I ask you, where else can you do that for a little over $16.00 a day? Heck the last time I took my wife to McDonalds it cost me more than that and I wanted more before I got home.

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