Thermal Ionic Hair Straightener Tips

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Thermal ionic hair straightener is the best product for tinted/highlighted and colored hair, it could get a salon result so easily. Here are the directions:

1. Wash your hair with shampoo, then rinse it out and put a leave in conditioner;
2. Leave the conditioner in and apply the straightening cream. After this, leave the straightening cream on till your hair is straight;
3. Then rinse the cream out for 5 minutes and towel dry your hair. Blow dry a bit to dry it some, leave your hair with a bit damp;
4. Section the hair in 4 parts and apply the ionic hair straightener to each piece of hair (a little at a time). After that just rinse and apply the neutralizer,leave in 5 minutes, then rinse it out and style;
5. Then just blow dry your hair with a paddle brush hair dryer.

The process is easy and only takes you 2 hours! You will find that your hair is straight and shiny and not breaking off!!

Please read the direction or watch the video before hair straightening. Tie a small knot on your hair while you have the straightening lotion on as a test, and if the knot stays stiff, it means ready; if not, you should leave it on till the knot stays put.

For double processed wavy/curl hair. Get through the relaxer and rinse stage first, then comb through the hair and use the hair straightener. For double processed hair, going by the knot test is not recommended. Instead of, leaving the product on for 10 minutes max but the knot kept opening, then leave it on 20 minutes. Maybe this way takes more time. After hair straightening, put on the neutralizer and blow drying, you will surprised with the silky, soft and not damaged hair.

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