Thermal Hair Straigthening

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Also known as TR, Magic Straight, Ionic Perm, Bioionic Straightening, Yuko System, Liscio, and Rebonding.

Thermal Hair Straightening is a revolutionary Japanese straightening treatment that uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair so the hair lies straight, giving you a glossy, smooth, silky shine, straight hair that requires hardly blow drying.

Many salons in the United States, Europe and Asia used this kind of method to revitalize the hair, make it subtle, frizz-free and manageable.

After the cuticle is broken down with chemicals, locks are ironed straight with a hot iron. A neutralization process then closes the cuticle, causing hair to stay straight. For women who spend hours each week blow-drying their hair, thermal reconditioning is worth the time and money. Once the hair is processed it is permanently straightened. There are NO traditional waxes used, therefore time does not "wear down" the process. The straightening comes from a re-structured protein bond inside the hair shaft.

It has been tested and safe for children over the age of 11 and perfectly works for seniors too!

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