Thermage: Keep the Wisdom, Lose the Wrinkles

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As we mature, gaining wisdom and experience, our skin tells the story using such devices as wrinkles, sagging skin, cellulite and double-chins. But surgery feels extreme – aging is natural, after all. If you’re looking for a non-invasive, rejuvenating alternative in Austin, TX, to gain a more youthful you, Thermage® may be the treatment for you.

How Does Thermage® Work?

As we age, our skin gets lazy; each layer of skin begins to relax, resulting in sagging, loose skin. Thermage® uses heat to whip that skin into shape. With an FDA-cleared device, Thermage® directs pulses of radiofrequency (RF) energy deep into the skin, specifically targeting the areas you’ve requested. This intense heating strengthens the collagen fibers in the skin, tightening the skin’s top layer.

Although Thermage® may be uncomfortable for some patients, it should not be painful. You and your dermatologist should work together to find a manageable heat threshold that still produces effective results. You and your dermatologist may decide to use pain medication during your Thermage® treatment to facilitate the procedure.

Thermage® may have some side effects, such as redness, blisters and swelling. However, you may return to your usual skin treatment immediately after the procedure, putting on makeup or lotion as you please. You may also return to work immediately, if you’d like; however, due to the possible side effects, many patients prefer to take the rest of the day off, in case of visibly overt indicators of Thermage® treatment. If you and your Austin dermatologist agreed you’d take pain medications, you must have someone else drive you home after the procedure to guarantee your safety.

What Can Thermage® Do for Me?

Thermage® can treat your face, eyes or body, as you choose. Around the eyes, Thermage® lifts the hoods, allowing your eyes to catch more light and look brighter. It also smooths the area around the eyes, minimizing crows’ feet. Essentially, the entire eye area becomes smoother, increasing your visibility and lending you a few years of your life back.

If you choose to undergo Thermage® treatment for your face, it essentially follows similar patterns: everything gets smoother. If you’ve grown a second chin of skin over the years, Thermage® reduces or eliminates it by tightening the skin. It provides structure to your jawline, showing off your facial structure by minimizing the folds of skin which hide it. It returns your cheekbones to their rightful place, perky as ever.

For the rest of the body? You guessed it – Thermage® works. If you’re feeling uncomfortable after a pregnancy or major weight loss, don’t bother with a tummy tuck; consider Thermage®. It gives you a flatter stomach simply by tightening your skin. If your problem-spot is in the wrinkles of your knees or the cellulite of your legs, Thermage® can address that, too. To tighten underarm flab, talk to your Austin dermatologist about Thermage®. It can even lift your rear assets a bit.

Since Thermage® simply improves upon what you already have, it looks natural, like weight loss. Over time, you notice you look different, while the people around you may not realize what’s happening unless they see a stark before-and-after photo. After 6 months, your results are complete. These results may last years, depending upon your unique skin and lifestyle. If you don’t treat your skin well, it will swiftly deteriorate again.

Each individual has unique skin, and individual results vary extremely from humble to major. Call your Austin dermatologist prior to considering Thermage®.

For an experienced, skilled dermatologist, consider Dr. Zimmet, M.D in Austin, TX. Dr. Zimmet will evaluate your candidacy for Thermage®, answer your questions and conduct the procedure if you so choose. Call today to discuss your rejuvenation with a professional.

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