There are many forms of child abuse; it may be psychological, sexual or physical. Neglect occurs whe

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Signs to look for if you think that a parent or care giver may be responsible for child abuse and neglect may include showing little concern for the child, blaming the child for all problems at school and at home and may even ask that teachers or other caregivers use harsh physical punishment if the child misbehaves. Discipline has positive effects on the future of a child, while abuse only has negative ones. Sometimes they will demand a very high level of performance that the child cannot achieve, either physically or academically. They will usually view the child, and usually voice those views, as burdensome or worthless.

There are also signs that you can look for when the child and parent, or child and child care provider are together. They will rarely look at or touch each other, will usually openly state that they do not like each other and both will likely consider their whole relationship as entirely negative.

Child Protection Services (CPS), which is a division within the state and local social service agencies, is usually the center of every community's child protection efforts. Generally, in most jurisdictions, CPS is the agency that is mandated by law to conduct the initial investigation or assessment of a child abuse report. However, CPS does not work alone in their efforts to control child abuse and neglect; it also includes healthcare providers, law enforcement officers, educators and many others who are involved in the effort to stop child abuse. It takes everyone working together to identify, investigate and put an end to child abuse.

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