Themed Chess Sets - 10 Reasons For Choosing High Quality Themed Chess

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1. Say Something about you! Express your Personality, Interest or Hobby. Make a statement about yourself through the themed chess set you choose. Often it has been famous battles such as the Battles of Trafalgar, Hastings and Culloden that have been the theme subjects and they remain so. But now there are literally dozens of themes to choose from - fantasy, legend, historical, medieval, children's, sports, mythological. Anything from Dinosaur themes to the American Civil War, the voyages of Christopher Columbus to Lord of the Alice in Wonderland! There are dozens of theme subjects to choose from - so make it personal!
2. It's the Perfect Gift. Give the feeling. The feeling you get from receiving a high quality gift is just great. And with so many different themes to choose from, matching your high quality theme chess set to that special person in your life couldn't be easier and it's great fun as well.
3. Become the envy of your Friends, Family and Business Associates. It's a high quality luxury themed chess piece set you're buying so bear in mind that it will be noticed. Anyway, you'll be proud to show it to your friends, family and business associates, explaining to them the background to each individual piece. Just the feel in the hand of high quality weighted theme chess pieces is great in itself. It's unmistakable and, yes, it's definitely worth the extra investment!

4. A great talking point. A genuine high quality luxury themed chess set is the perfect 'ice breaker' - just as equally in the home as in the office!
5. Decorative Ornamental Centrepiece. Just imagine for a moment your home or office complete with a high quality themed chess feature. Yes, of course, the traditional Staunton chess set format continues to be the 'standard' design and has its place. Dating back to the mid 19th Century and named after Howard Staunton, it continues to be used as the standard chess set in tournaments and clubs etc. and that's great. But if it's something different, something more detailed and intricate you're really looking for, that extra dimension, then a high quality themed chess set is for you.
6. For the Discerning Collector. Based on original sculptures, high quality themed chess pieces are for those who appreciate and enjoy the experience of quality and carefully crafted pieces. They're just great collectibles. But, a word of warning too - there's always the risk that you may get bitten by the bug and find yourself having to extend your home to display them all!

7. Heirloom. High quality luxury themed chess sets often become part of the family heritage. Handed down the generations with affection and pride, the theme chess set you introduce to your family will be treasured for years to come.
8. Avoid Disappointment - Quality Varies Considerably! So, be confident you know what you're buying. Beware cheap imitations of the genuine article unless that's what you want, of course! If it just seems too cheap to be true, it probably is. Or if it's a lightweight plastic themed chess set you're searching for at a budget price that's fine. But you really will get what you've paid for so try not to be too disappointed.
9. Appreciating in Value. Some of the older genuine high quality themed chess sets often achieve excellent prices at auction. So, that gift you bought might turn out to be one of the better investments you made as well.
10. You could even play chess with it!
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