The Worlds Energy Crisis

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The world is steadily marching towards a severe energy disaster, what with an ever-increasing demand of energy overstepping its supply. We have constantly known that the energy we use daily is not unlimited, yet we take it for permitted. Oil, gas, power, even water has limited availability. Yet, we have not taken enough precautions to get involved with a doable energy disaster. Every time I mention 'we', I'm by no means referring to the governments but to all of us, the frequent people.

Oil and gas have earlier become too costly, and with each passing day, they are moving towards being extinct. A couple of ignorant people think that energy disaster is a myth. They fail to see the tremendous picture. There have been 3 major energy crises so far - the 1973 oil disaster, the 1979 energy disaster, and the 1990 oil-price hike, apart from many regional disaster.

Prices have been rapidly going up for the last 5 years, attributable to the ever-increasing demand and the going up shortage of energy resources.

How shortly will it be all gone?
Are the cynics right in saying that we are making a mountain of a molehill, or are the energy disaster for real? Image this: We have earlier exhausted 50 percent of the accessible oil. At the ongoing rate of consumption, the rest of the oil will finish in 32 years! Imagine if the rate of consumption increases! We all realize it is bound to expand. So, even the present generation will face an acute energy disaster in the later years, permit alone future generations.

What are we doing about it?
Are we equipped to face the impending energy crisis? What can you and I do to tackle it? For starters, we require to comprehend the importance of energy in our lives and stop taking it for permitted. We have to minimize the utilization of oil, gas, electricity, or any other fuel. We can't afford to waste any accessible energy. It is also vital to spread awareness about limited availability of energy resources. Basic things like joining a motorcar pool, switching off motorcar engines at traffic lights, and minimizing the utilization of gas and oil in everyday tasks will help a long way in crisis-readiness.

What are the alternate energy options?
As a responsible world citizen, start seeking for alternate energy solutions like solar energy and wind energy. Hiring these alternate power solutions is highly feasible and cost-effective. You will not only cut down your power fees but also assist to a better future of the world.

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