The World of Funny Comic Strips

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If you look around yourself, there is humor all around. Whether it is business or professional setups, companies or social organisations, promotional events or festive celebrations, one can find humor in almost anything and everything. You can find funny comic strips almost every day in your newspapers and magazines. The only difference is that in many ways comedy in print as well as in media is very much diluted because of the censorship, inhibitions and restrictions. However, what makes funny people funny is the ability to see both good and bad, positive and negative, joy and sorrow with a humorous vein. Humor is all about sharp intellect and the ability to make something intense look light hearted. In fact that is what makes humor even more appealing.

There are sites like that will allow you to contribute your own brand of humor so that readers get a taste of your humorous vein as well. In fact, social networks, dedicated humor sites and your own blogs are the place you can start with if you think you have the ability to make others laugh. The more different, your kind of humor and the funnier, the better it is for you. In todayís world of social connection it isnít hard to reach out to a large number of people. If you want to contribute funny comic strips, you can have a theme or a niche that will allow people to remember you. Some people take digs at technology, some take digs at social networks itself and some take digs at politics. Whatever be the domain of your interest, if you can focus on it, you will be able to popularise your funny comic strips.

It is also important to remember that the more regular you are, either on your blog or on other sites that you post, the more will be your following. This is because you slowly build an audience that comes to expect things out of you. If you donít deliver regularly you will lose that following of those who expect more and more funny comic strips from you. There are several comic strip artists who publish their work online without really sticking to a niche. In other words, they have a much wider range of subjects to use in order to conjure humor. At the end of the day, humor is constant practice, sharpening your observation and intellect to make things look simple, funny and sometimes silly.

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