The Waxing Guide

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Get tips from the experts of Dyanna Spa, “Best Spa for Waxing”

There are some of the best in NYC salons now offering a variety of different waxing services and techniques including the ever-popular Brazilian Bikini Wax – for women and men. Dyanna Spa gives you legs to underarm, all the services in between for the best quality.

Tips for the entire waxing process starting from choosing the right time with all the aftercare solution:

Waxing is treated as one of the semi permanent hair removal processes as it uproot the hair from the follicle. Waxing is the only formula which can be done over bikini line, legs, stomach, rear back, arms, underarms and face.

As a hair removal process waxing has several benefits its own. Waxing gives you more benefit that shaving, bleaching, or electrolysis in terms of re-growth. The usage of the waxing is most as there is no chemical process involved.

Those who are the first time waxing candidates they must not fear from the waxing. This is not at all true that waxing is a painful process. Dyanna spa offers Cirepil Blue Hard treatment. In this treatment wax is removed with the water. The Cirepil Blue Hard is much more effective than the other waxing treatment.

Get the waxing tips before waxing:

- When you are having period it is better not to make an appointment.
- You can get sun rashes when you are out at the sun.
- It is better to have a clear skin before waxing to make the process better. You can take a hot shower to open up all the pores of the body.
- Waxing needs a hair to be in a longer length.

These are the precautionary process before the waxing. Hair trimming is done at first at Dyanna Spa NYC. Wooden stick is used for application of wax all over the body. Dyanna Spa strictly rejects the double dipping. Waxing is done with special strips with Dyanna Spa.

For having maintenance in the post waxing period:

- It is better to wear loose and casual dresses after waxing.
- For the dead skin exfoliation you can use loofa but that should be after 24 to 48 hrs
- The pores can be clogged if you are doing workouts within a waxing day.

You can have these for the safest result and for beautiful indulging experiences that are giving you a mind blowing satisfaction. Thus you need to consider about these aspects for better result incurred during this beauty treatment. These suggestions are not only effective but proven to give the optimum result in minimal discomfort. Thus it is better that you follow these rules and regulation so that you can have the better results that are involved with the process of waxing which is offered by NYC’s “Best Spa for Waxing” Experts at Dyanna Spa. Not only is this but you also getting all these done within a reasonable price structure for all this treatments compare to any other places in your area.

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