The VoIP Service Provider Revolution

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There is no denying that the Internet telephony is well poised to take a giant leap in the global communications industry. Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), simply stated, is the technology for transmitting voice over a data network using the Internet Protocol (IP). VoIP technology is set to cause a revolution in global communications and essentially change the way the phone services are structured.

The principal benefits of VOIP services include - reduced operational costs, a single network for voice as well as other data, automatic routing and nomadic services and add-ons and updates are easier to provide.

Using VoIP phone service will help you save hugely on your monthly business phone or residential phone bill. VoIP service providers are competing with one other to bring you the best VoIP plans. You can benefit immensely if you make an informed decision before selecting the best VoIP plan and the right VoIP service provider to fit your needs.

To enjoy VoIP facilities, the only additional piece of equipment needed is an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA), which is usually supplied by the VoIP service provider. This allows you to make phone calls as normal, using your own standard phone. The ATA does the conversion of your analog voice to a digital signal that the Internet can understand.

VoIP is a combination of hardware and software that enables people to make telephone calls via the Internet, your phone or computer must be connected to the Internet to make these calls. The concept of VoIP originated in about 1995 by the company called VocalTec, when hobbyists realized the opportunity of sending voice data packets over the Internet to replace the traditional method of communicating through standard telephone service.

This concept allowed PC users to avoid long distance charges, and it was in 1995 that the first Internet Phone Software appeared. The simple principle was to compress the voice signal and translate it into IP packets for transmission over the Internet. Initial experiments with VoIP application suffered from line congestion, frequent disconnections, low voice quality and other teething troubles. It took a long time to iron out the many problems and to make VoIP a popular product.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) transforms your high speed Internet service into an inexpensive way to send and receive calls. There are three different methods of VoIP offered by service providers today.

The simplest and the most common method entails use of a device called an ATA (analog telephone adaptor). The ATA is a device to connect a standard phone to your computer or your Internet connection. The ATA is an analog-to-digital converter. It picks the analog signal from your traditional phone and converts it into digital data for transmission over the Internet.

The second method is using IP Phones that are special type phones that instead of having the standard RJ-11 phone connectors use IP phones have RJ-45 ethernet connectors. IP phones connect directly to the router and have all the hardware and software necessary right onboard to handle the IP call.

The third method is using computer-to-computer. This is certainly the easiest way to use VoIP and the chief attraction is you are not required to pay for long-distance calls. There are several companies offering free or very low-cost software that you can use for this type of VoIP. All you need is the software, a microphone, speakers, a sound card and an Internet connection - preferably a fast one like you would get through a cable or DSL.

While deciding on VoIp, remember that RingCentral has a VoIP offering called DigitalLine, which can be completely integrated into your phone system. This integration is essential for keeping your business interactions, including voice mail messages and call logs, organized. If you are already having a VoIP number, RingCentral can switch this existing line over to their services as a DigitalLine. The VOIP service, offered by RingCentral, is indeed a perfect solution for small businesses, traveling professionals and also home offices.

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