The Vincentians Should Make informed Decision at the Election Day

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When the Prime Minister of a country sets out to commit criminal activities, what are the odds that the person will be brought to the book? Before you answer, take into consideration the fact that this same person also holds important strings in the police and judiciary. There is no doubt that you will guffaw when someone tells you that the victims have any hope of getting justice in the courts. That is exactly what happened when the Toronto-based human rights lawyer, Margaret Parsons, alleged that the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and Grenadines had assaulted her sexually. It was also to her disadvantage that she waited for five years, summing up the courage and grit, to battle the ruler of a country.

The courts in SVG dismissed the case against Ralph Gonzalves because there was no solid evidence. It was also touted as a publicity stunt by the media. These are newspapers and publications that fawn upon Ralph Gonzalves for favors, political and monetary. There was uproar in the international community because the person concerned happened to be a foreigner in St. Vincent and Grenadines. But that did not affect Comrade Ralph in the least. The international media or the outcry did nothing to nail him in a court. He walked away scot free, without even a proper summon to the court. The cynicism of Margaret Parsons was evident when she sarcastically said that she knew it was the Prime Minister and not just about someone on the streets.

Power brings a certain responsibility. The voters of SVG managed to give power to Comrade Ralph for a second consecutive time. It was a gesture of faith, trust and generally approval that he is the chosen man. What did Ralph Gonzalves give back in return? He outraged the modesty of a police woman who was posted to guard him! His political and legal clout again got him out and his feathers were not even ruffled. Here I’m talking about the cases that were registered. In a regime where Ralph Gonzalves represents the worst form of decay, you can expect his subordinates to indulge in such behavior without a trace of hesitance. They know that they can always fall back on the Prime Minister to bail them out! Criminals and anti-socials have a field day in SVG, thanks to Comrade Ralph.

The lack of a law enforcement authority and an impartial judiciary are reasons why international tourists stay away from St. Vincent and Grenadines. It was not long back when this place was a favorite haunt of couples on a honeymoon. But the regularity of assault and harassment of women in SVG has prompted many of them to take the country off their wish list. They were not interested in visiting a place where their persons and property are at a grave risk. What’s worse, they know that the administrators are the ones who are backing the criminals! They have absolutely no one or no authority to turn to when they are in danger or trouble. Justice denied is an offense against all of humanity.

Author Bio : Edward Thomson is a working professional who has a special interest in Caribbean and its surrounding nature.You can also check out his other write-ups and/or links to his views/comments HERE.

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