The Videogame World is surrounded by Sensor

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What's the most impressive memory E3 2009 remain to us? Someone cheers for the alliance of MS and Konami , while others are still in the beautiful tales of new Mario and Link. But there is one thing in common, the sensor. The gigabolt feedback sweep across the whole videogame market the moment Nintendo released the remote sensor Wii and touch handheld DS, soon both of them boosted to be the money making machines in very short time. Of course, the elites never miss opportunity even the silver lining, MS and Sony couldn't wait announcing their own unique sensor play system.

The "Project Natal", the new controller-free gaming and entertainment experience from Xbox 360, had received a wide publicity since the day it appeared among crowd. Natal sensor tracks full-body movement and individual voices without any form of controller. From the demo, the new system achieved extremely accurate capture on every movement and the feedback of player's voice and even little shiftin front of screen. And "the corresponding games are almostly complete".

Sony's PSi sensor, more likely a combination of Wiimote and Eye Toy, still retained the traditional gameplay style, indicating the necessity of real controller. With the additional PS3 camera, PSi sensor bringed more comprehensive experiences in motion capture and interactive communication. It is estimated that PSi will be come into the market in the early 2010.

Nintendo had been regarded as the leader of remote sensor for a long time. Motion Plus made Wii a great improvement, however, this time Nintendo was little bit shy to demonstrate its new appendage: Vitality Sensor on E3, lefting a pulse counter-liked gadget only. At first sight it was just kinda concept product, but who knew what the hell Nintendo was planing to do after seeing the long long registered patent list?

Here we do not only describe these sensors but let readers know the truth that:

1. No matter what advanced tech is used in videogame sensor or how amazing it looks like, MS and Sony are just following behide Nintendo to gain a slice of cake. And there won't be such blockbuster like Wii and Nintendo years ago anymore. The market will cool down when people got familiar with a new entertainment conception.

2. The great success of Nintendo on sensor is not a one-day work, the countless advertising investment and interaction of consumer in these years are the key to make Nintendo smash hit, and can not be substituted by a 15-minute demo show of MS or Sony on E3 with ease.
3. People are interested in games but not the videogame play system itself. Every successful console is based on the masterpieces games on its own. Nintendo has many great sensor-related games which had been proved to produce so much favourable comment from people worldwide. Where are the games on XBox360 or PS3 now?

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