The very essence of caricature for the would be artist.

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There is a great of ignorance and misinformation when it comes to the world of caricature because many people interact them with satire, whereby fun is poked at the physical features of the subject of the drawing whether this humour is intended cruelly or in solid faith. People associate caricature with screaming cartoons that are extravagantly grandiose and bordering upon the utterly grotesque when in reality caricature can be applied to pictures as well as portraits. Whether the caricature will offend or please the case really depends upon the nature and context of it....

Being a caricature artist is no easygoing task as the artist will have to closely study and analyse their subject in order to suck every small aspect and facet of their face. Every personality trait, every distinguishing feature must be considered, carefully weighed and then a closing decision made as to what proportion it will be utilized to. However, being a (victorious) caricature drawer involves so much more than only drawing the physical features of the subject, frankly, this is an task that any talentless wannabe can do and with little difficulty. The mark of a true caricature is their ability to capture the very essence, vibrancy and personality of the subject, and a gifted caricaturist is often regarded with something bordering upon awe due to the fact that the portrait looks so amazingly life-like indeed.

Just like any other craftsman, the caricaturist must ensure that they have the proper equipment for the job and given that they will be making certain features of the subjects face more prominent than the rest some dark pencils are recommended. Thicker lines will naturally and automatically draw the eye to them, providing a sharp contrast withthe remainder of the drawing.

Caricature pictures are actually easier in some regards than their vanilla counterparts in that there is no need to ensure that every single physical trait of the subject is rendered in precise or accurate detail. Broad strokes can be used for the hair to good effectal features of the face.

Remember, when you initially begin caricature it is highly unlikely that you will get very far, i.e. your first attempts will be rather poor. Keep working at it and soon you will be able to draw with the best of them!

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