The Vast Array of Display Easels

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While those who are in the industry know that the definition of “display easels” covers every conceivable type of presentation stand, many people outside of the display industry still mistakenly believe that the well-known easel that are used by artists are the only types of easels available.

Seen in this broad definition, it is easier to understand just how many types of display stands there are and in how many ways they can be put to use. They are built in innumerable sizes, from very small 4 in. models to the taller floor easels that stand up to six ft. or even taller. They may be fixed, adjustable or collapsible, depending on their style and function.

Display easels are designed to stand securely on a shelf or on the floor. They come with several kinds of bases, each of which has its particular use and advantage. Some may have a folding “V” base, while others have a heavy flat base. Many others have either 3 or 4 legs.

One of the more popular types of stands is the deceptively simple, minimalistic “Vee” shaped bifold easel. The base of this style is, as the name implies, in the shape of the letter “V.” The corners of the letter give it a firm foundation. Often the point has an ingenious hinge device that allows you to quickly fold the stand flat for easy transport and storage. Easels like these, made from economical softwoods or more expensive exotic species, are extremely popular as decorative easels.

Tripod easels are what most people think of when they think of display easels. Tripod stands come in perhaps the largest number of styles, with the largest variety of options. While many simple ones feature just a folding back leg support that meets the tops of the front frame at the apex of the stand, others are completely adjustable and can be collapsed into a tight bundle. Others have parallel front legs and adjustable trays for mounting posters or paintings of various heights.

Tabletop easels are usually, but not always, of a fixed height. These can be found everywhere in businesses. They are most commonly used to display pamphlets and leaflets. They are also very commonly seen in homes, displaying small works of art, books, photographs and fine examples of china.

These examples, while they do show just how many uses presentation stands have and how many different shapes and designs they come in, still give an inadequate picture of what is available. Every type of stand also comes in an enormous range of artistic styles. Artistic, decorative easels have the ability to make a presentation as boring as a plain whiteboard look like something special. The only way to get a good idea of what is available is to check them all out at a good online display easels site.

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