The varied uses of Rock Salt

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Rock salt is the common name of halite minerals with the chemical formula NaCl i.e sodium chloride. Many times it has been referred as table salt. It is formed by the evaporation of salty lakes, oceans and seas. The rock salt is of different colors as the color of the mineral generally depends upon consistency and kinds of impurities. The basic color is white or no color but also found in the variations of red, pink, orange, dark blue, light blue, purple, grey and yellow.

Rock salt is generally formed on the bed of evaporated sedimentary minerals due to the drying of lakes, seas and oceans. It is also formed by the evaporation of certain other minerals like sulphates, borates and halite.

Rock salt is majorly used for clearing the ice as it is the solution of salt and water which has a quality to lower the freezing point of ice as compared to ordinary water. This is the reason why rock salt is primarily used in areas having heavy snowfall. Rock salt helps in melting of ice and clearing up the ice through rock salt is very popular in colder regions. Generally people spread salt on their pathways and driveway for melting the ice after a heavy snow storm.

Many people spread heavy amount of rock salt but a small amount of salt is necessary to melt a relatively huge amount of ice. Table salt is the purest form of the rock salt and it is edible and very essential for the human body. Rock salt is used in setting dyes in fabrics and textiles, manufacturing pulp or papers, producing detergent and soaps etc. it is widely used in industrial applications as it is the important source of getting sodium hydroxide and industrial chlorine. Moreover, rock salt is also used in fire extinguishers.

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