The Value of Water In Your Diet - You Will Be Shocked At What An Asset Water Really is!

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The Benefit of Water for Diets - You Will Be Surprised At What You Learn About Water!

Has anyone ever really discovered a no kidding weight loss program that is simple and quick enough to help you burn calories; without much effort? The most effective secret to burn fat at a faster rate, is right in your home?WATER!

In order for diets to be effective, you need to understand the importance of drinking plenty of water. Our bodies are made up of about 70 percent of water. Different parts of the body carry different amounts of water in them. Men use more water in their bodies than women, this is because their bodies contain more muscle mass. Water is important for all of us because it performs various functions for the health of your body.

Everyone interested in weight loss or dieting should realize that any diet you are on should include drinking plenty of water. One of the advantages of drinking water is that it works to carry nutrients through the system, lubricates joints, causes waste to be removed, and gives our skin the ability to look and feel healthier. There can be life threatening consequences if your body does not get enough water because if the kidneys don't get enough fluid, the liver stops metabolizing fat and then turns to filtering waste. Intestines that do not receive enough water will begin to draw out what they need from the cells in the bowel, which is a known contributor to constipation. By drinking plenty of water you will help your colon to function better.

Dangers of Dehydration
When your body is dehydrated it affects parts of your body that need the most water first, some of the signs of dehydration you will see first are feeling overly tired and decreasing mental alertness. Other symptoms can include feelings of being dizzy, having a headache, dry mouth or extreme thirst. Often many people, experiencing dehydration can be first expressed through hunger signals and is not necessarily associated with thirst. When you feel like you need a snack, it is a good indication that you should drink some water. Make it a point to drink a full glass before every meal and/or better yet anytime you begin to feel hungry.

A Good Body Fact:
Our blood contains approximately 95 percent water.

Pure Water: Water is so vital to the human body and yet surprising as it may be, many people take it for granted. A high percentage of the human body is water. There really is no other more important nutrient for our bodies than water. All diet programs should stress the important role that drinking plenty of water will play in your overall success of losing weight. More often than not it is not best to use thirst alone as an indicator for when to get a drink. If you start experiencing dry mouth and feelings of thirst, it's most likely that your body is already slightly dehydrated. As we get older your body is less able to sense dehydration and send signals to your brain that your body is in need of water. If you experience excessive thirst and experience increased urination, this could be signs of a more serious medical condition. Talk to your family doctor if you experience either of these.

Exercise and Water: The more you exercise especially in warmer weather, your body will start to perspire or sweat, the more water you need to drink, so make it a habit to replenish fluids at least every 20 minutes. If you are exercising at mid-day, when temperatures are very warm, water should be replenished every 15 minutes in order to keep muscles strong and to keep your body from being over heated. This is completely vital for long endurance events, which is the reason why many outdoor sport enthusiasts will usually carry water with them. Dehydration can lead to threatening health problems, even death. Drinking water is one of the most critical pieces to the weight loss puzzle. Water contains no calories, fat, or cholesterol, is inexpensive and readily available. It is nature's appetite suppressant, and water will help keep your metabolism working correctly which will help to burn more calories.

Body Facts...
You should drink a full bottle of water just before you exercise.

Metabolism Facts: Increased activity levels can increase your metabolic rate because as your lungs work harder to breath, your heart rate also increases. Because metabolizing fat is a main function of the liver, it can't function at peak levels when taking on the added workload from the kidneys and that means that less body fat is metabolized resulting in more of it being stored in our body. When this happens it is almost impossible to lose weight or it can cause you to reach a frustrating plateau in your weight loss journey. To help your body to metabolize fat and lose weight, you need to drink plenty of clean water. This will benefit your kidney and liver functions. Skipping meals will also negatively affect your metabolism and cause your body to go in to starvation survival mode. Starvation metabolism refers to a slowing of the metabolic rate rather quickly and instinctively. The body instinctively goes on alert that it is not getting the nutrition it needs and begins to naturally burn calories more slowly to survive longer. The more you drink water, the better your metabolism rate is going to be. When you replenish your body with water it will give your body's metabolism what it needs to burn more calories. Keep in mind that people who don't drink enough water will not burn calories as fast as people who drink their 8-10 glasses of water each day.
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