The Value Of Jokes

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Since time immemorial, people have been laughing at humor, which have tickled their funny bone. It has been found from existing records that humor has formed an integral part of human culture since at least 1900 BC. Although its nature has evolved over time, there is still nothing that ties a group together better than a couple of jokes, which lighten the atmosphere and make people comfortable with each other. Let me ask you a simple question. After a hard day's toil, what works best for you? The answer is: a comedy.

A Little Bit Of Humor Make Speeches More Effective

I think all of us have had the misfortune, at one time or another, of listening to a serious, ponderous speech that had almost made us sleep. We are not saying that interesting speeches cannot be made without spicing them up with jokes. But how much more gripping a talk can be if the speaker includes humor to make his/her points more effective. It keeps the situation light, and the speaker can also keep the attention of the listeners.

Please be careful before incorporating a joke into your next speech, it may be a good idea to try it on a group of friends or family members. Don't worry if your friends don't initially smile or break out into laughter. It can well be that you haven't got the hang of telling a joke properly. Practice, if necessary, in front of a mirror or in a recorder and work out how exactly you should deliver the punch line. Once you get the hang of it, you will be making your audience smile and laugh because of your humor.

Jokes In Written Pieces

Humor can come in handy not only while delivering speeches but also when you are writing an article. We have found that humor will keep the reader's interest alive far more effectively than if the piece is written throughout on a serious note. But let us immediately warn our readers of a possible danger here. When writing an essay in college, you should consider carefully whether you should add jokes in it. If you know the character of the teacher who is going to read it, and are sure that he or she possesses a sense of humor - go ahead. But, if you harbor any doubts about his ability to appreciate humor, do not risk putting one in.

Humor On The Internet

The good news is, there are several web sites where you can today find humor. So whether you want to include them in your speech, want to become popular among your friends, or crack them at the office party, you can find all that you need in these web sites. Just go through these online resources and stack a few up, and then at an opportune moment crack these jokes. You are sure to make people laugh and have a good time.

Humor that you will find online has been segregated into various categories too. You will find jokes for lawyers, teachers, cowboys, animals, military, and those for marriages, music, and many others. You will also find random humor too that fit in most situations.

Those lacking a sense of humor are not appreciated anywhere. In most situations in life, you could crack some humor and make others enjoy the lighter side of life.

Jokes make people enjoy the lighter side of life and date back to at least 1900 B.C.

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