The Usefulness of Smartphone Applications

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With this app, searching for your car in a crowded parking lot is a lot easier. Using your phone to honk its horn or flash its headlight is possible by utilizing this wonderful Smartphone up. Despite the fact that this app is only available for OnStar subscribers, it's definitely handy.

You might be wondering if there is already a Smartphone app that you can utilize to remotely start or lock your car. Good news is that this summer, GM's OnStar communication service plans to provide such an exciting feature. This remarkable innovation will only prove that car and phone is certainly worth combining.

This app offers the best features to help the driver attain a much enjoyable experience while on the road. It will provide him with necessary information like emissions, engine revolution, and mile per gallon statistics. He can also communicate with other Audi drivers with the use of this app where they can share information and help one another in searching for a better route.

By simply plugging your phone to the OBD-II port found in your car, CarMonitor can display relevant information that can help a driver assess his car's condition. This is what Audi's proposed Smartphone app aims. Although it is still on the development process, lots of car enthusiasts are already very excited to try it out.

Paper and CD manuals are a thing of the best. Why would you settle with bulky and inefficient manuals if you can have a Smartphone app serve as one? This app will also make things easier for you with a built-in search feature. It's free, which includes video demonstrations and all the wonderful features that come with it.

Car manuals are usually hundreds of pages long and drivers won't even bother reading them. Chrysler incorporated their manual to a Smartphone app which made it more interesting and handy.

There are varied ways on how developers envision this kind of application to be, but they have a common goal. Despite the differences, all of them are aiming to create an application that will provide drivers with necessary information while making it certain that it's clear, fun and easy to use.

A phone application that can help someone drive better is definitely a good way to regain the bad reputation of combining a car and a phone. Manufacturers of Smartphones and automakers are working together to come up with an application that will greatly benefit drivers.

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