The useful r4 card and r4 adapter

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The Nintendo DS gaming console is very popular gaming device all over the world. The new technology in the DS is known as the R4DS means revolution for DS. The DS gaming terminal has a long history. There are two types of devices that can be attached to the DS known as the slot1 devices and slot2 devices. You could only play games with DS until the latest technology has come into existence. The R4DS is the latest technology available in the market and has got very much popularity.

Here's a quick run down of just what the R4 DS is. I would suggest that if you're not quite sure as to what the R4 DS is, and what it can do, that you do go back to reading my article on this truly unique Nintendo DS accessory.In brief, the R4 DS is a slot 1 device that allows you to play homebrew games as well as Roms and Mp3 music, read e-books, watch movies, etc... on your Nintendo DS console. It turns your Nintendo DS system into a whole entertainment center, all for under $50.00.

There are some quick and easy tips to follow. While some of these tips may seem obvious, it even took me about a week and a half of using the R4 DS before I came up with some ways to make game playing a little bit easier.

1. Store your game files in a directory on your microSD Card. Make a folder called games, and ONLY store your games in this folder. It makes browsing to them in the menu much easier, and all your game save files will also be organized.

2. Store your MP3 Music files and video files in seperate folders too, and in the case of multiple music albums on the memory card, you should make a sub-directory of each album. This is a MUST for anyone that has lots of music, with all of the track names labelled TRACK 1.mp3, TRACK 2.mp3, etc... You'll avoid conficts with file names by putting them all in on directory, and because you can name your sub-directory the name of the CD your ripped, you'll at least know that TRACK-1.mp3 in the ABBA directory is from the ABBA greatest hits album.

3. Try to backup your game saves to your PC hard drive on a regular basis. Not because they could get corrupted on the microSD card in the R4 DS, but because you may want to go back to an earlier save point later in the game. It's also good to get into this habit because you may erase a game (and its save game file) and not have a backup in case you want to play that game once again sometime in the future. While this one really seems like an obvious hint, you would be surprised to know that most of our technical support emails for the R4 DS deal with how to get back erased or deleted game saves that were not backed up. I recommend doing this at LEAST once a week, more if you play your games more frequently.

4. Don't take out the R4 DS from the Nintendo DS console each time you want to add files to the microSD Card. Simply push the microSD card with your finger and it will 'pop out' of the R4 DS card slot. You can then quickly put it into the included microSD Card reader / writer in order to change games and files or add music or video.

5. This is my final (and quite possibly the most obvious) tip. And it deals with the microSD card in the card slot of the R4 DS. When you put the Nintendo DS or DS Lite into your pocket or pick it up. Do a double check on the microSD card in the R4DS slot 1 card.  Make sure that the microSD card is in the card slot of the R4DS and it's not loose or ready to pop out.  The chances of it popping out without you pushing down on the card are slim, but it could happen while you're carrying it in your pocket. There would be nothing worse than losing your microSD card somewhere, because it popped out and fell on the ground. MicroSD Cards are small and tiny, and once lost, you would have a hard time finding it anywhere else except at a store, where you'd be buying a new one. If you carry your Nintendo DS in a case, then the chances are much smaller that the card will get dislodged from the R4 DS card slot, but it's better to check on a regular basis anyway. Make this something you do before you even power on.

The piracy in the usage of the Nintendo gaming console is increased due to easy use of the R4DS and easy availability of the games to be downloaded in the SD card. The persons who does the piracy, once gets the files of the illegal game in the computer than they transfer them in the Nintendo console. The Nintendo company was about to stop the selling of the R4DS due to the increase in the piracy of games. They had made the device for the legal use and the piracy makes the device available for the pirated and games.

Another point to consider is the piracy of the R4DS cartridge itself. The R4DS cards are available in pirated version by many illegal distributors. There are many people who loose their computer in a short circuit. It is necessary for you to overlook some trusted web sites if you are about to buy the R4DS for the fist time or after an accident with the old pirated one. There are a lot of web sites offering the R4DS sales. You must look for the website which has a store near to you and offering legal sales of the R4DS system..You could see a lot of game parts from So many useful things you can see there.

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