The Ultimate Help guide to Bouncing Castle Hire

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If it is the first time you are hiring a jumping castle then you'll have to take care with what you need to do. This information will I hope stop you from making those errors when you next want to hire a castle.

The safety of your children is a vital factor if you are getting a jumping castle. You do not want to put them at risk in any way. Therefore you need to ensure your jumping castle provider use good quality safety mats. A high quality mat is an AS3533 compliant impact absorbing pad.

Insurance policies are needless to say yet another vital part of safety. This will guarantee that you're not left in a negative financial situation due to something that happens during your jumping castle hire. Medical expenses when not covered by insurance policies can be quite substantial. Public liability insurance policies are absolutely essential in cases like this and will also be supplied by all reliable jumping castle companies.

Ultimately you have to make sure the jumping castles being hired are checked out and tested regularly and they are made out of professional grade materials.

It is a standard practice among hiring firms that you'll be offereda supervisor with the hire of the castle. This can be a good option if you do not feel you will be able to keep an eye on the jumping castle all the time. It is neccessary to have someone watching over the castle for both safety and insurance factors.


It is important that the jumping castle that you hire is of a high quality. Better quality materials won't have the rough seams and sharp edges that you'll definitely come across on inexpensive castles.


Everybody knows that word of mouth referral is the best kind of recommendation. Anyone who has hireda jumping castle can tell you whether they were any good so ask around.
You could also ask at your work. Businesses that hire jumping castles for business occasions will only use the very best merchants so a professional recommendation from them will be worth listening to. Online reviews can be very helpful and are really easy to find to get a representation of how happy the customers are.

Whilst it can be easier to choose the cheapest bidder it can also become a catastrophe. Low cost often suggests corners cut and you don't want to experiment with the protection of your children. What their customers say is paramount when considering a low-cost company. This way you understand you are getting high quality and also a great price.


Calculating the dimensions of the area that you want the castle to get set up is vital. You regrettably can not install every type of castle in every possible location so you need to make sure you'll be able to fit the castle you choose.

Do They Look After Their Castles?

The very best suppliers can have dedicated storage facilities in which they store their castles when they are not in use . This guarantees they are always in their best condition. Not keeping them the right way can lead to them getting damaged. It can also cause them to become dirty.In the event the castles aren't kept properly then avoid the hirer at all cost.

A Thing that the majority of people don't take into account are shipping costs. The distance you live from the company needs to be known. You also need to talk with them what their delivery fees are.

The ideal and most important thing is to get suggestions from those who have hired previously. The more visible the company's reputation is on-line the easier it will be to get in touch with those who have used the firm previously.

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