The Three Roads Painters Take On The Road Towards Practicing Pop Art

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The evolution of ordinary painters into practitioners of pop art can be achieved in many ways, but there are three major identifiable ones. Painters can start out in various forms or fields of art, such as conventional abstract expressionism. In this discussion, we will refer to those who started out in something that is not popular art as 'ordinary painters'. There has been a marked evolution from the somewhat snobby conventional art to the popular art that is widely known and loved today. However, it should be emphasized that the evolution was not at all easy or quick. The artists' strong belief that they have grown in creativity, skill and talent at the end of this conversion is also contributory to this evolution. It is also worth noting that most ordinary painters don't just wake up one day, and start to turn into popular art practitioners. Rather, they tend to start coming up with popular art works, whilst still practicing conventional art.

After some time, you will notice a shift in their concentration, with them veering towards creating popular art works more than conventional art. A point eventually comes when they become dedicated to popular art completely, and when they therefore qualify to be termed as being pop artists. We now venture to look at the specific ways in which this evolution from conventional art to popular art is triggered.

Popular art works abound, and if an ordinary painter wants to eventually become a pop art practitioner, he should try to get exposed as much as he could to these works. Generally, ordinary painters like what they see when they manage to get close, or be exposed, to products of popular art. Their natural response would be to try to duplicate them or come up with something similar or even better. And that leads to a situation where they have to learn popular art practices and methods. The point when they become pop art practitioners is when they fully stop creating conventional art. Instead, they will only be doing popular art and none of those conventional art works.

The evolution of ordinary painters into pop art practitioners could also be facilitated by studying the various pop art literature that are now made available by the pioneers of this art movement. If you look at the popular art practitioners, you will find that they did not initially go looking for these literature. In reality, they just accidentally happened by them. If you need more information about pop art, and if you feel the need to make comparisons between popular art and the seemingly elitist conventional art, all those related literature would be a great place to start. Aspiring pop art practitioners find themselves getting a push, or become more convinced, to practice this type of art form over conventional art after having read those literature.

Firsthand information is always a great source, and if you want to become a pop art practitioner, that means you would also benefit greatly from interacting with popular art practitioners themselves. if you compare pop art practitioners from other artists, you will see how different they are. They seem to have more zest for their art. It is also clear that they earn more from it. They also seem to find their art more meaningful or with more depth. There is no doubt that these interactions would serve to convince these ordinary painters to try their hand at practicing popular art. Thus, from conventional art, they will then move on to becoming pop art practitioners, until such time that they make a name for themselves in that field.

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