The tennis queen serves mystery in a casual game

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Selected group of experts in the games industry and sports celebrity managers created the corporation Target Entertainment Properties. This team, that is doing really well, has over 40 years of collective experience in business development, marketing and games licensing. Creating games and entertainment, based on celebrity IP is the point at which they focused. Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen is the last downloadable casual game that has arrived from their workshop. The main character is, of course, the tennis queen Venus Williams and it is more for the ones that love playing hidden object games than for the ones that love sportís games. Target Entertainment Properties believes that this game is going to be real hit for Venusís public, but also for casual gamers, tennis fans and sports enthusiasts.

It is not a surprise at all that people from Target Entertainment Properties have chosen exactly Venus Williams for this game. Venus is a true professional but on other hand, she lives her life like a real celebrity. She has her fashion line that designs tennis dresses, does humanitarian work but also her name is often related to some rumour, and the game is based exactly on this kind of stuff.

Itís very amusing that the game is in first person, using the real voice of Williams. The game follows the Venusís stay in London and the adventures that she has there. Namely the player who takes her role during the game should detect the identity of strange stalker who follows her throughout her dwell there. All the time the player is discovering objects that are hidden; he solves puzzles and collects clues, with ambition to discover the hidden motives of the stalker. The outcome of Venus' game play and charity fashion show should not be risked.

There are 14 incredible chapters in the exciting mysterious story of Venus: The Case of the Grand Slam Queen and the player could choose between the two modes of the game - story mode and mini - game mode. All together, the player is confronting with exactly 48 varied games from which 20 are hidden object challenges and the others are casual fun puzzles that should be resolved, in the search for answer of the Case. There is also a journal that helps the player collect and note the important clues, to open the chapters and breakthrough the storyline. The game also could be found many interesting facts about the tennis and about Venus Williams as well, so that will satisfy the funís appetites.

Venus states that she is so happy that assists in a funny game that follows her life's interests, and she hopes that the players are going to be satisfied on their way of finding a solution for the mystery.

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