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Imagine a cell phone on which you could see, hear and talk to six people at a time. Or one that acts like an air card and when you plug it into a PC or laptop it provides speeds up to 7.2 megabits per second - faster than many home computers. Now imagine a cell phone calling plan that offers unlimited calls, texts, emails, internet access and downloads all for a set price of $79.95 ($89.95 if you want unlimited international calling capabilities.)

Well, imagine no more. A new advanced mobile broadband platform that works on the GSM network or data portion of the bandwidth recently won a "Best New Technology" award for Buzzirk Mobile and Zero1 Mobile, the companies that introduced it. This technology opens up faster speeds at lower costs as well as the capacity for cell phones with unheard of capabilities.

And it gets even better. Buzzirk and Zero1 teamed up with Global Verge to bring the phones, the technology and the unlimited calling plan directly to the consumer via their direct sales marketing plan. The plan offers its products to people who want to become distributors with the chance to introduce the products into the marketplace. With over two billion people owning cell phones and with the products being sold via websites owned by the distributors, the market is recession-proof, viable and worldwide.

For an initial investment of $77, anyone can plug into the compensation plan which is based on a 3x9 forced matrix and goes into full effect when the distributor brings in three team members. Payments of from $1 to $4 per month are paid on each team member in a downline and a full matrix has 29,000 positions for a team. Commissions are also earned for calling plans that are sold and are paid monthly when the phone bill is paid. Commissions for the membership matrix have up to nine levels that offer chances for bonuses as well.

The key to success with this new technology and business plan is to build a team of distributors for your downline. But with the Buzzirk technology and everything that goes with it, getting up and running with this business opportunity is relatively simple. Since the calling plan doesn't require a contract or credit check and consumers are already convinced that they need cell phones, there is no selling, teaching or training - just getting the information out to an already convinced market.

The telecom industry has been hit with a tsunami of technology that is changing what phones can do, the price of calling plans and the old business model that made large corporations rich instead of individuals. This huge wave has tossed other cell phone companies onto their backsides and left them wondering just what hit them.

Ron Bell is the author of http://number1buzz.comblog.To know know more information about direct marketing system

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