The Sweet Little Easter Bunny and History

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Symbolism, messages and other Pagan festival mash up is created in some peopleís minds when Easter comes. The occasionís importance is relating Lord Jesus Christís resurrection after three days of his crucifixion however the secular segment of the Christian holiday focuses on the various eggs colored in bright hues, fuzzy baby chicks and surely, the cute little Easter bunny! Is it not amazing that how all these aspects came to be a part of the similar holiday? This period comes from a festival denoting the Spring season that the Ancient Saxons would celebrate so as to honor Easter. She was the goddess of fertility, dawn and Spring. The symbol that was used by her was the rabbit. Christian missionaries did not try to attempt converting the Pagans into Christians by creating Easter cards. Rather, holidays were amalgamated in order to make Christianity seem even attractive to those who had been opting to convert themselves into this religion. The reason why the rabbit is symbolized to be the most fertile is because of the ability to mate with hare and have massive amount of offspring all through the year. Even eggs are perceived to be the symbol of rebirth or rather fertility. In a lot of cultures, it is customary to design and decorate eggs and then give them away to relatives and friends as gifts. The rabbit is as well symbolized as the moon. There are many reasons behind and one of them is because women cycle as per the phases of the moon. The hare and rabbit therefore due to their breeding habits have become a symbol of rebirth as well as life after death.

The legends of modern day speaks that the Easter bunny brings hued eggs, toys and candies. A night prior to Easter, the rabbit brings goodies for kids and hides them in gardens. The easiest way that people find in terms of wishing each other is through Easter greeting cards. This is particular to those who have family members living far away. Electronic cards are particularly an in-thing! For instance, if you live in one corner of the globe and your mom in another then it might be possible that meeting her may have to be given a miss. In such a situation sending an e-card to wish her Happy Easter would be one personalized way to give message that you would have given if met in real.

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