The Swap Active Watch Phone offers an impressive phone on your wrist

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The Swap Active Watch Phone is a phone that is technologically advanced, and is also one that also happens to be a watch. It offers an impressive level of technology packed within an exceedingly small unit. The unit doubles up as both a phone and also as a fully functional mobile phone. With measurements of 65 mm x 45 mm wide, it is not bulky in any shape or form whilst at 17 mm thick it fits nicely on the wrist.

One the key elements of the handset is its integrated camera, which is in essence a snapshot style camera, that takes imagery of suitable quality to be accurately displayed. In addition the unit provides an MP4 video media player which also doubles up as a video recorder and provides suitable alternative to static imagery.

The audio player provided within this comprehensively functional unit, supports many file formats including MP3/MIDI/WAV and AAC and video versions, which tend to be MPEG 4, 3GP and MIDI format. The handset comes with both USB and Bluetooth connections, offering the ability to download and synchronise with suitably attired devices or alternatively connect through the wireless Bluetooth connection.

The Swap Active Watch Phone offers an impressive 1.5 inch TFT touch screen that doubles up as both a screen for the watch itself, as well as the portal for accessing functionality. The screen is eminently colourful and displays imagery with a vibrancy and clarity that is surprising. The usual features contained within a mobile phone are contained within this wristwatch such as SMS and MMS functionality.

The phone is able to use MP3/MP4 and MIDI format ringtones, which offers the means to utilise any form of downloaded music file, as a ringtone. The phones internal memory consists of 128 MB of integrated flash memory, with the option of a 2 GB SD card which makes use of the integrated microSD card slot.

As with many handsets on the market currently, this unit provides a variety of profiles such as flight mode, vibration, indoor and meeting personalisation options and also includes a useful key lock facility, to ensure that no extraneous keystrokes are accidentally pressed. The watch phone has an impressive standby time of 100 hours, whilst it also provides 150 to 180 minutes of useful talk time, this is all due to the 350 mAh battery which is provided with the unit.

The Swap Watch Phone offers technological wizardry within the compact size of a wristwatch. The future of wearable handsets or mobile phones is a debatable one, however this unit provides an insight into how this could be achieved. It provides a fully functional mobile phone that is small enough to be as inconspicuous as a watch.

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