The Sun City Dentist Reveals Nine Shocking Facts About Dentures, PART 2

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Dentures in Arizona have long been the teeth replacement technology of choice. But since the design and perfection of sophisticated dental implant protocols for fixed oral rehabilitation, patients no longer have to consign their life to the challenges, difficulties and expenses associated with this very archaic technology, says the Sun City dentist. In our previous article post, we discussed four shocking facts about dentures in Arizona. The take-home messages were:

  • Dentures require refitting and replacement every few years or so.

  • They do not support a healthy jaw bone, says the Sun City dentist.

  • For every year that a patient wears dentures in Arizona, they lose valuable bone volume in the jaw.

  • Half of all the patients that wear dentures in Arizona prefer to eat without them because they cause so much discomfort and pain.

  • Partial dentures do incredible damage to the natural teeth used to support them, says the Sun City dentist.

In this article, the final installment of this two-part series, the Sun City dentist shall look at five more shocking facts about dentures in Arizona.

FACT # 5: A mouth full of natural teeth can bite down with a force of about 200 pounds per square inch, says the Sun City dentist. Thatís how you can tuck into that steak, chips and crispy salad without struggling. Denture-wearers, on the other hand, can only bite down with a force of 50 pounds per square inch and this reduces their bite functionality by a shocking 75%. But the very worst of it is that patients who have been wearing dentures in Arizona for more than 15 years only have a bite force of 6 pounds. Essentially, these poor peopleís bite functionality has been reduced by a staggering 97%, says the Sun City dentist. How is this possible? Dentures in Arizona do not promote the health of the underlying jaw bone and its resultant atrophication and remodeling greatly reduce a patientís ability to eat properly.

FACT # 6: Most dentures shift around uncomfortably when you eat, no matter how well they are made to fit, says the Sun City dentist. It is just an unfortunate problem and challenge that patients have to become accustomed to.

FACT # 7: As a direct result of the difficulties and challenges caused by eating, most denture wearers have a lesser nutritional intake, with 30% of them only being able to manage soft and highly processed foods. In fact, says the Sun City dentist, many elderly denture-wearers suffer from malnutrition! This has a tremendous impact upon oneís quality of life and can even decrease your lifespan by a shocking 10 years.

FACT # 8: Dental implants used to replace single missing teeth have a fantastic success rate of 98% and do absolutely no damage to the nature adjacent teeth, says the Sun City dentist.

FACT # 9: Dental implants can be used to support a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge or denture, says the Sun City dentist. This procedure for fixed oral rehabilitation has a 95% success rate over a full ten-year period. The use of dental implants slows the loss of bone tissue in the jaw, making it a much more favorable teeth replacement solution than dentures in Arizona.

A Final Note from the Sun City Dentist

It was the point of this series to highlight the importance of opting for better and more sophisticated teeth replacement solutions rather than following in your parentsí and grandparentsí footsteps. Qualified and experienced Sun City dentists recommend dental implants time and again, even if you have lost all of your original adult teeth to dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

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