The Success of the Call Center Industry’s Outsourcing Services

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Successful Outsourcing Services
The success of the call center industry was due to the growth of their outsourcing services which not only involved business and companies in the Philippines, but also a number of offshore companies from other countries, particularly in the US.

Start of the Call Center Industry
The call center industry started as a provider of email response and managing services. This changed when a few third-party companies had started to offer Live Answering Service to their clients. Eventually, the demand for such service had grown that many similar third-party companies had started change their services from email management to call center services. This marked the start of the call center industry of the Philippines and the start of their outsourcing call center services.

Growth of Outsourcing Services
What made the call center industry grow even further is when the industry had opened for the global market. It was because of the success of their call center services that many offshore companies from western countries such as the US had landed in the Philippines to outsource their call center services to Philippine call center companies.

According to industry experts, it was because of this that the call center industry of the Philippines had started to grow massively in the Philippines, along with the number of call center companies and agencies offering their outsourcing Business Answering Service and unique Small Business Answering service to offshore companies. It was also in that time that the Philippine government had recognized the call center industry Sunshine Industry of the Philippines.

Effects of Global Recession
However, it was also because of their outsourcing services to offshore companies that resulted to the sudden downturn of the call center industry. Because most the industry’s revenue comes from its foreign investors, most from the US, the call center industry had taken the biggest blow when global recession had hit the Philippines.

During global recession, many call center companies and agencies had closed down, while others decided to remove some of their employees to keep their business running.

Today, however, the call center industry had started to pick up its pace in the market, particularly now that many foreign investors have returned to the Philippines to outsource their call center services again. Eventually, the call center industry became one of the largest provider of outsourcing call center services all over the world.

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