The Stresses Of Modern Day Living Could Lead To Divorce

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Did You Hear About The Morgan's? It seems that they in the movie could help young married couples realize that it is the stress that they hate and not their spouses.

Meryl and Paul Morgan tied in wed-lock have amazing careers and spoons full of success. As typical city dwellers they had everything they needed. But as any other married couple, they argued on silly and grave matters as well. Similarly, couples in UAE are faced with a whole lot of problems now-a-days. If they have kids they are stressed about caring for them and handling a job simultaneously. And if they don't, they are depressed. This leads to more marital arguments, doubts and finally to disloyalty.

The Morgan's are no different. They have no super senses to read each others minds like in a typical love story and so they react to the situations in their married life in the same way any other couple would. In the movie, Paul apparently is guilty of adultery and the couple is on the verge of divorce. For 3 months he looks to re-unite with his wife. Finally one night, after returning home from a restaurant, the two happen to witness a murder. They are sent to a peaceful rural place called Ray in Wyoming on the grounds of the governments Witness Protection Program. Away from the stresses of city life, Paul tries to make up for all his wrong doings. He thinks that an environment away from work-life could help him resolve issues well. Hopefully young couples in UAE will also adopt the same idea.

Catch 'Did You Hear About The Morgan's?' in UAE theatres on the 28th of January 2010.

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