The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Fellowes Powershred C-420 Paper Shredder

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Every medium-sized office can use a good paper shredder these days and it is never been easier to find one. One of the best is the Fellowes PowerShred C-420, a device with an excellent shredding capacity and continuous duty motor that makes it ideal for use by up to 10 people. Here are the strengths (and weaknesses) of this machine in detail.


  • As previously noted, the C-420's shredding capacity is truly phenomenal. It can shred up to 38 sheets at once, making it perfect for large shredding jobs. It even has multimedia destruction capabilities. (See below.)

  • This machine has a 12-inch feed opening for paper so it will easily welcome paper that's wider than the traditional 8.5 inches. There is also a separate opening for CD's and credit cards.

  • This is a strip-cut device with a Level 2 security rating. It will turn your items into pieces that are 7/32" wide.

  • Each unit is outfitted with a 1.9-horsepower, continuous-duty motor so you can shred as much as you need to when you need to. You don't need to wait for the machine to cool off in between uses.

  • The C-420 has a turbo jam-release feature that allows you and your co-workers to deal with any jams that may occur during use. Just press the button and the jam will clear itself up within seconds.

  • Since this machine is heavy (it weighs over 160 pounds), it is equipped with casters to make moving it less of a chore.

  • Like many Fellowes shredders, the C-420 has an automatic on/off function that can detect when it needs to shred and when the job is done. This not only makes using the shredder easy, it will help prevent the motor from burning itself out.

  • The pull-out waste compartment can contain up to 32 gallons of shreds. The door of the compartment has space in which you can store your accessories, such as shredder oil and bags.

  • The C-420 will let you know just what exactly is going on with it. For example, it will alert you when the wastebasket is full, if there's jam, and if the waste compartment door is open.

  • Each unit has a three-year warranty and Fellowes also offers a lifetime worth of coverage for the machine's cutting mechanism.


  • This is a high-quality, commercial-grade shredder, so obviously there will be a pretty heavy financial price. However, the price is still reasonable given the quality of the machine.

  • While a Level 2 security rating makes this machine good for the destruction of everyday documents, it's not recommended for shredding highly classified information.

  • This machine cannot shred floppy disks, so it's not a true multimedia shredder.

Finally, the Fellowes PowerShred C-420 is a great shredder for larger offices, thanks to its first-rate shedding capacity and its ability to destroy CD's and credit cards. While the security level could be higher and it would be nice if the machine could destroy floppy disks, overall this is one of the best large shredders currently available.

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