The Story of One Hundred Clothing For Clean Water

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A revolution is needed; a very great revolution is needed to rescue those from the most hazardous situation of lack of clean water. One hundred clothing may lead this revolution to the peak. Yes, no need to initiate another revolution as already a revolution against dirty and lack of water has been progressing with all people’s BIG support. Let me tell you the story well.

There is big difference between our thought and action, but when it comes to world’s most successful revolutions, you might agree that these are nothing but the expression of the agony people hide inside their hearts for decades. Significantly, you must have great heart to work for other people or all people. We are sincere about our daily needs but not similarly sincere about others. A revolution is an awareness that awakens people of the very need or against the evils that are going on. The outcome of a revolution is always the best because it stands for all people, all society and it is for the benevolence of those who are deprived of something very essential.

Well, now just by purchasing clothing like beautiful t shirts at an unbelievably lower price, you can become a part of this great revolution. If you are capable but cannot make much time, you can contribute to bring the mission successful just by buying one, two, and three….and one hundred apparel for clean water. You will be delighted to know that you have bought the most valuable clothing that can:

• Bring clean water for all
• Rescue people from hazardous water
• Recover from Diarrhea And Cholera
• Provide education for girls
• Provide hygienic Sanitation and many more.

When lives have become more self-centric at this time, you can feel something very sensible that will elevate you by leading beyond life just by spending a little money.

You might think that you are going to donate, this is true, but what about the quality of the product? Most importantly, they are not of the lowest quality, even you will be happy to design your own shirt.

• Fully Stocked – This means shirts are fully available

• Medium – It means some shirts have been sold but all sizes are still in stock
• Very Low – It means the stock is low and we won't have these shirts around much longer
• Last Chance – It means there may be one or two shirts of that type left, but they will be gone very soon

Purchase from the varied collections online anytime. If you are within the continental United States, you will sharply receive your shirt by 3-5 business days and if you a global customer, you will get them by 3-5 weeks.

One Hundred is a social clothing company, producing sweatshop free t-shirts that they print on American Apparel shirts, unless you specify. The company provides 50% of their total income to Water Charity, an organization that has worked for bringing clean water. See the following categories of shirts based on availability for your use:

Remember, this is not just buying clothes. This is a great hand for some deprived.

For more information, visit

About The Author:

One Hundred is a clothing company dedicated to bringing clean water to the people of our world. They exist because of the potential of water to change millions of lives. Unlike other companies donating to charity, they have no corporate agenda. Their purpose is clean water and clean water only. Visit them at

Contact Details :

Name:Alex Mark
Street1:2327 Middle Creek Lane
Postal Code:20191

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