The Story of an MP3 Player

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Let's say you are a college kid, travelling down the street toward the study hall, and you want to tune in to NPR on a whim. Of all of the wholesale electronics you've put in your collection and loved, your MP3 music player is your most venerated. You are never without it, but does it have radio frequencies? Most likely, if you have an up-to-date MP3 player with a flash drive, you can be confident. The smaller MP3 devices with flash drives are the most likely to have radio; very little in the make-up of the flash drive impedes radio waves, so FM radios are generally included in these products. So as you, our hypothetical student, proceed down the street, you tune in.

Well, that was great, but now you get a craving to buy a new tune. You know you can get it at Yahoo Music Stores, but you are far away from your laptop and you want that song right now! What about Wi-Fi? Can you hook up from your MP3 player and get what you want? The technology is now becoming readily available and will meet your needs. The glitches have not yet been taken care of. iPod Touch, for example, not long ago experienced some signal difficulties that were easily handled by some repairs and returns. But totally sound Wi-Fi will surely come.

Now you arrive at the study hall. You switch off your tunes. But you'd like to make a record of the speaker for later reflection. Can you? The MP3 player you bought from a top notch electronics wholesaler came with voice recording capacity. It is plenty good enough to capture a speech or your comments. Just don't plan on hearing every nuance! The quality of voice recordings on MP3 players that have this feature is quite good, but not yet perfected.

Class done, you decide you want to contact a friend, but you don't remember his number. Wait a minute; you synced your Outlook contacts to your MP3 player just recently. Personal information management is another MP3 player feature. The number will be easy to get. You make the call. You still have a stand-alone mobile phone (which you also got from an electronics wholesaler at a great price!); but you hope that someday soon, all of this technology will be combined into one.

Dining with your friend at a restaurant, you want to share photographs of your latest vacation. You know what? Most current MP3 music players will readily permit you to share your photographs and do so in color. And if you've done your comparison shopping for electronic wholesale products, you've figured out that you can get video functions as well.

Hard to imagine not long ago, the MP3 player has become a versatile jack-of-all-trades. The wholesale electronic MP3 player rocks

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