The Story of a Royalty Painter: Ahmad Khawaja

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Ahmad Khawaja was just once an ordinary boy who lived in the southern part of India. He was a school boy who loved to paint and draw different things. From simple abstract designs to the most complicated faces of his classmates. He was known in their school as the most talented child who can draw his teacher's faces and expressions. He was always caught sketching his teacher's face at the back of their classroom and he was always been scolded by them because he barely listens to what his teacher was saying.

One day, Kochi (the city where Ahmad Khawaja lived) has experienced the greatest flood India had ever had. Almost 800 people died from that natural disaster including his family except his younger sister and him. They were so surprised to still see each other after the storm. They had lived together in the other city called Pondicherry. There, they started living on there own by collecting garbage and selling it to the junk shop.

Ahmad Khawaja wasn't able to go to school because of their situation. His sister, Levi Khawaja helps him in his garbage collection after her school. One day, he was able to pick a simple pencil and a dirty notebook from his garbage that he collected that day. It fascinated him since he wasn't able to draw since the storm has wiped away his life from him. He made that notebook his sketch pad where he draws his feelings and this had serve as his diary.

The next incident was the thing that turned his life upside down and has been the door of endless and infinite opportunity for him. When he was able to meet the very stubborn and naughty princess of India, Princess Aishani Neguhiti. Princess Aishani Neguhiti has been known to be going around India as an ordinary girl to be free from all her body guards. They met as he was doing his job as the garbage collector and Aishani pretended to be a garbage collector too.

When one day, Aishani has been wounded by the metals and scrap that they were collecting, Ahmad Khawaja took care of her and made some first aide to her. He even offered to get her to the hospital despite his financial condition. After that incident, he and Aishani Neguhiti became good friends for three long years and he didn't even know that his friend Aishani was a royalty. One day, as Aishana was in his house, she found his friend's diary and was amazed with his drawings. He intentionally asked Ahmad Khawaja to draw a picture of her in a larger piece of paper and sent it to her father. His father liked what he drew and asked her daughter to send the painter into their kingdom.

Ahmad Khawaja was so surprised to know that his friend Aishana was a princess. As he entered their kingdom, the king asked him to draw a picture of him in the garden. This was the start of Ahmad Khawaja's career as a royalty painter. Since then, he had painted a lot of royalties in the world including Prince Charles and Princess Diana of England.

Ahmad Khawaja story had been an inspiration of many that no matter how hard your past experiences are, there would always be a door that will open for you as long as you keep your faith and start by being humble and just doing what is right.

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