The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Features an Excellent Internal Music Player

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo provides an excellent internal music player allowing you to enjoy your won music wherever you go. You are also able to find music you can hear but not identify, and download more and more instantly to the handset as you wish.

The phones music player provides all of your music sorted by album, artist or track and allows you to easily and quickly create playlists of your favourite or specific genres of tunes, and shuffle to play in random orders. The music player also allows you to seamlessly scroll through all of your tunes with their relevant album artwork on show for you, among other images. This helps you to find the tracks, artist or album you are looking for a lot faster. You can download more music for your phone via the PlayNow application. In addition to music, it also offers games for downloading respectively. You can also use MP3 and AAC encoded (file type) tunes as your ringtone, letting your regnant stay up to date with the latest chart -toppers or what you want to hear.

The Xperia Neo, like other handsets from Sony Ericsson also includes a preinstalled wonder of modern technology for music fans. The TrackID app recognizes tracks and provides you with information on them, allowing you to download them having found out what they are. This intuitive application works from a few seconds of sound recording which you create when you are somewhere and listening (or simply hear) to a particular tune which you like. The sound recording is then recognized by this app, and if successful will provide track information and download functionality for you. You can then use the PlayNow app to download the track to your music library, and sit back to enjoy it again and again.

Besides the loudspeaker functionality letting you listen to music outlaid on the phone, it is more common place that you will want to connect it to a better stereo system or listen privately with headphones. This can be achieved using the phones Bluetooth connectivity which is accompanied by the A2DP stereo wireless profile. This enables you to connect wirelessly to a compatible headset or stereo system and enjoy your music. You can also use the 3.5mm audio jack connection for standard headphones and audio output.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo provides among the best in in-built music entertainment for a mobile along with its other impressive features. The intuitive music player allows you to quickly find and enjoy your favourite music on your phone wherever you go.

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