The Sony Bravia KDL37W5500 TV Our Review

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One of the latest products to come from Sony, the Sony KDL37W5500 is a midrange LCD flat panel tv which certainly does not disappoint in any respect. While you have to expect to pay quite a lot of money for televisions of this quality, you certainly do get what you pay for and you will be very impressed with the quality and is abundance of extra features.

The KDL37W5500 is also very versatile, adapting itself to the amount of ambient light in the room which means you can happily use it anywhere in the house, at any time of day. It is also very future prove since it is ready to play full high definition content as it was meant to be played in the first place.

However, it's not as important as people might think it is and there is far more to picture quality than just resolution itself. Firstly, perhaps even more importantly, is the picture processing techniques that are used by the screen. The picture processing techniques that you will find in the KDL37W5500 remake the pictures look extremely clear and vibrant with highly enhanced colours and good blacks.

Also included in the KDL37W5500 is the ability to customise various aspects of the picture to make it suits better your individual preferences. Although many users might not be concerned about this, it is a nice extra to have and something that will also make the screen more attractive to higher end users and people who are particularly experienced.

The video processing techniques in the KDL37W5500 will also enable you to watch older movies in lower resolutions yet make them look better by upscaling the content and making various tweaks on the fly. This again makes the screen very versatile, since you can use it for all sorts of things from watching your old DVDs as well as enjoying the latest Bluray movies.

The Sony KDL37W5500 also comes with various presets allowing you to change the quality was just a click of a couple of buttons to optimise it for various forms of media. For example, if you are using the screen to play games, you can use game mode preset. Alternatively, if you are watching movies, you can use the applicable preset. This again makes the screen more versatile, by optimising it for different forms of media.

The KDL37W5500 also comes with some built in features such as again mode which can easily be changed via an onscreen seen menu selection. This will help to enhance various pictures settings in accordance with what you are viewing on the screen. This makes this not only the perfect screen to watch movies on, is also a great screen to hook up your games console to end enjoy all your games in hd glory.

The stereo speakers built into the KDL37W5500 are also exceptionally high quality but nonetheless, as is always the case, if you are into movies or games, it is strongly advisable to get an extra surround sound system.

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